How Do I Avoid Lag in Apex Legends Servers?

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When it comes to online games, there’s always an enemy that every player fears: the dreaded lag. A thorn to gamers’ sides, there’s nothing worse than playing a game—especially a competitive first-person shooter game at that—where the FPS (frames per second) just drops in one fell swoop.

Not to worry though! We have a just the remedy for even the most persistent lag issues. Thankfully, a Reddit user by the username of SuperWeeble took to the social forums to share an easy trick with users to alleviate the lag on Apex Legends Servers.

Plus, this option is available for both console and PC, so everybody wins!

What do I do to stop lag in Apex Legends Servers?

P24 & Xbox One Users

At the title screen, you’ll need to wait for two whole minutes before you can press anything. After waiting it out for that specific amount of time, you’ll need to go to the accessibility settings where you’ll see the Data Centers. You may then proceed to exit from the accessibility settings and press R3. From there, you’ll be able to see all the datacenters that are available. In list form, it’ll show crucial info such as the data center’s location, ping, and packet loss in percentage form. After all these, you may then manually select your server of choice with the ping that you desire. Usually, the servers with the lowest pings and packet loss are the ones that you should go for.

PC Players

After starting the game, you will need to wait for a full minute until it’s settled, and then proceed to hit escape, and then cancel. Once you’ve done this, the datacenters will appear at the bottom and you can pick which server you ultimately fancy joining.


If you find yourself encountering lagging issues while playing Apex Legends, we recommend you try this method in hopes of reducing the nasty frame drops. Thanks to SuperWeeble, players have found an effective way to have smooth out gameplay all throughout their matches by finding the best Apex Legends Servers. Remember these tips so you can hop right into the action and enjoy silky, smooth frame rate!

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