Black Desert Calpheon Ball: Class Reboot, New Region, and New Character

BDO Calpheon
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Black Desert Calpheon Ball

A new season is coming to Black Desert Online: Calpheon Ball. It’s an exciting time to be playing the sandbox MMORPG. The popular multiplayer game has announced tons of new content that will be rolling out in the following months. The most important updates for the future of BDO are the class overhauls, the Mountain of Eternal region, and the new class “Eclipse.” Some of the additional features include new mounts, new mob regions, and several tweaks to the existing PvP and PvE systems. This new content was discussed during the Pearl Abyss Calpheon Ball.

The Calpheon Ball

Balls are seasonal real-life events organized by Pearl Abyss to discuss new major updates and future roadmaps for Black Desert Online. The announcement is something similar to Playstation Announcement events when they discuss new upcoming games. For Pearl Abyss, the balls usually present players with updates that will significantly affect the totality of the game. New characters, new regions, system overhauls, new game mechanics, and new questlines are usually the main content. There are currently two balls every year, the Heidel Ball and the Calpheon Ball.

Total Overhauls of Existing Classes

Throughout the years of Black Desert’s existence, classes in the game have been patched multiple times. Countless buffs and nerfs have been implemented that have made some classes unbalanced. Recent class overhauls have received mixed reactions. Some players expressed their concerns that PA has been buffing classes that do not need more changes like the Striker and Warrior classes. Meanwhile, it seems some of the classes that have not been touched for so long have been suffering due to being out of the meta like the Kunoichi and Archer classes.

Seems like Pearl Abyss have taken all things into consideration and will answer the players’ pleas to rebalance the classes. All the existing characters will receive a complete make-over of their skills, appearances, animations, and mechanics. The aim of the total overhaul is to rebalance player experience and the PvP system.

Since everything will be renewed, adventurers might be worried that they will have a hard time adjusting to the changes. The devs are aware that the overhauls might confuse players, so they will create winter servers for people to test out their characters once the system takes place. The winter servers will allow adventurers to slowly acclimatize to the new mechanics and eventually return to normal servers. The class overhauls will occur on December 22, 2021.

New Winter Region

It has been two months since the release of Black Desert’s most recent region, O’Dyllita. Before the actual release of this expansion, players were speculating that a snow or winter region would be coming to the game. They were not wrong. During the Calpheon Ball, devs of the game finally released the newest upcoming region to the game, the Mountain of Eternal. This region will be quite similar to Duvencrune’s Mountainous region. Except for this time, the whole place will be covered in snow.

The new region will also bring new mobs and questlines for adventurers to explore. What’s unique with this area is that new players have the option to start in the snowy mountainous region at level 1 compared to before where players have to start in the Balenos region near Olvia. Adventurers will get to experience new features such as snowboarding and ice fishing at the release of the snow region. The region update will hit global servers during the first half of 2022.

New Class

Though the new class was not actually discussed during the Calpheon Ball, a silhouette of the new addition was teased during the event. From the shadows of the figure, it seems that Black Desert will get another female class wielding a greatsword. The armor has dragon knight feels to it. It is still unsure if this will be the actual template of the new class since developers have admitted that the class is still in the early stages of its development. Players did not get too many details on the new character since Pearl Abyss has been busy with the whole class revamps. Gamers can expect more pieces of information about this class during the first half of 2022.

Black Desert Mobile also featured a new class for their version of the MMORPG. The announcement came at the same time as the Calpheon Ball. The character is called “Eclipse” which is based on the PC’s and console’s version Nova class.

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