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Black Desert News, Updates & Events

By | May 12th, 2022 | Categories: Black Desert Online

This is the hub for BDO news, events, announcements, and patch notes covering all the latest developments in the hit MMO.

Black Desert Online New / Upcoming Content

Scouring the Dark Rifts Event

Black Desert Online Past Updates

Drakania Awakening

Drakania Class and Mountain of Eternal Winter

TFT Patch 12.6

Valentine’s Event 2022

BDO Lunar New Year 2022

Lunar New Year Sale and Celebration

  • All Black Desert game packages will be sold with significant discount
  • New Tiger Emissary Outfits are available for all classes in the Pearl shop.
  • New pets Sooty Roary and Sunny Roary are now available in the Pearl Shop.

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