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Black Desert Online is one of the most promising MMORPG games to be released in the past several years, and accordingly, people are investing a lot of time and money in it. Black Desert Online Marketplace at PlayerAuctions is the perfect place to get BDO accounts from players who have decided to either start a new account or stop playing with the existing account entirely.

What’s up with the Black Desert Online Marketplace?

The Black Desert Online Marketplace is a trading zone on PlayerAuctions for all things related to the Black Desert Online MMORPG. This includes accounts, but also other items and services such as selling of silver and items as well as Power Leveling/boosting.

Starting to play a new MMORPG is always a potentially a serious investment of time and energy that can easily stretch out over years. Some players prefer a casual gameplay style while others are focused on the endgame, all depending on their wishes and amount of available time. Some are so called “alto-holics,” since they will always choose to level another alt character rather than play a single one all the time. But no matter what playstyle is chosen, the fact remains that there was a lot of time and effort invested into the accounts, characters, and their equipment, and time invested can always be translated to financial value. Depending on the laws of supply and demand, the actual price is being formed and even virtual items and related services become a part of the economy.

Why you should utilize the Marketplace?

Online Marketplaces for trading accounts, game items and services are useful for everyone engaged. There are many players who grow tired of the game or a specific class they are playing, often wishing to start a new class to spruce the things up. By selling their old account, for example, these players support their own efforts to build and max out the new characters as soon as possible. At the same time, the accounts being sold help new players that want to start a new game but lack the required time to level up and equip new characters. For many people the school, university, family and work severely limit their available time for gaming, which means that buying maxed out accounts is the best solution for them. Oftenplayers want to join their friends on other servers, but do not necessarily wish to invest weeks of leveling a new character there. This is where the Online Marketplace comes extremely handy since the players can choose an account with the specific maxed-out character carrying gear that is just right for their role.

Which services does BDO offer?

There are several options that PlayerAuctions provides for BDO players, primarily, account trading with specific characters leveled up to the maximum capacity. Accounts can be dedicated to a lone character or more different classes of characters, and their final value is determined by their max level, the type of gear they gathered and some extra features. In the case of BDO, the extra features can be the amount, type and level of pets the player has gathered or the number of available workers that are the part of the account.

Selling silver is another service the Online Marketplace offers. When a player is unable to invest sufficient time into the game to establish a solid revenue stream, the best remaining option is to simply buy silver for real money. The alternative is more often than not that the players, frustrated due to the lack of progress, simply quit the game altogether.

Item sales often happens when players obtain specific items that they can’t or won’t use, for whatever reason, and decide to put it up on the Online Marketplace. This is once again beneficial for all the players who lack the time due to the “Real Life” circumstances and would rather invest a bit of real money to keep pace with the more hard-core players with more time on their hands.

Finally, there is Power Leveling on the Black Desert Online Marketplace, which helps players to catch up with their friends when it comes to the level of their characters. The idea here is rather simple, for a specific amount of real money the players will provide help and significantly raise the level of character that is being boosted. The providers have specific packages that include services such as leveling, Contribution Points, Energy, Silver grinding, Enchanting and gearing, but the customer can express specific wishes and set goals for their account to be reached. There are different ways of doing this, in some, the boosting party takes complete control of the control and manually power level the character. On the other hand, there is also something “Taxi service.” In this instance, the party that is being boosted joins a group and gets to a designated “safe spot.” Meanwhile, the group starts doing quests and killing mobs, while all the time the boosted members gets the XP to level while also being safe from danger.


The Black Desert Online Marketplace at PlayerAuctions is a safe and secure way to buy and sell all types of services related to the extremely popular Black Desert Online MMORPG. Its anti-fraud system makes sure that both the buyer and Seller always receive exactly what they paid for and what they expect to be delivered. This system is extremely successful exactly because of the services being offered and rendered, and mostly focus on one thing with the players; their lack of time to pursue the wanted characters and goals to the optimal completion. For many of those that are limited in their gaming time because of school, work or family obligations the BDO Marketplace comes as a perfect solution, where a small amount of money can mean a very significant advancement in the game and greater fun while playing with your friends.

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