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Pets play a vital role in propelling you to success as you grind through the Black Desert Online levels. Looting corpses manually can be time-consuming. This is why a smart player would get Black Desert Online Pets early enough. Besides providing company, pets make it easier to loot dead enemies that you conquer along the way. The collected loots are then gathered and deposited in your inventory. Other than looting, different pets possess unique minor skills like gathering resources and marking or locating enemy players.

How do I get pets in BDO?

So far, the only sure way of getting pets is by purchasing them from Pearl shops. This is achieved by pressing F3. The cost of buying a single pet ranges between 900 and 1100 pearls. Once you have purchased your preferred pet, you will have to register it. Get to your inventory and click on the pet token. By so doing, you will have your pet registered and also get an opportunity to give it a name. Whenever you need to use your pet – say for looting or picking items – you only have to click on the pet icon that you are interested in. Similarly, you can click the “pets” tab if you need to have a glance at all your pets. Normally, pets will imitate your character.

How do I level my pets?

Your pets will level every time you feed them. Pets become hungry and lose stamina over time. The higher the level the more efficient a pet will be at looting or gathering items.  They gunner more experience as they are fed on and on. Leveling your pets can be done faster if they are put on Agile where hunger levels drop fast. Most pets usually have four skills alongside a single special ability.

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What is pet breeding?

It involves breeding two pets of a similar species to get a higher tier pet. Pet breeding is used to get pets with unique skills. A pet’s skills and abilities advance depending on the tier level. Every tier has ten levels and the pets become more advanced as they progress through the levels. Pets from the breeding process have better traits such as faster looting capabilities,faster-fishing speed in addition to the reduced death penalty, enhanced karma restoration and increased talent percentage. Nonetheless, the downside of pet breeding or exchange is that it results in the death of the parent pet.

Pet Talents and Abilities

Pets play a big role in grinding. They do not bear similar talents and abilities. This implies that some pets are more effective at grinding compared to others. For instance, cats, dogs and hawks possess special skills making them more superior. Hedgehogs are amazing for Life Skills. Still, the different pets have different pick up speed and varied hunger gauge levels. A pet with a higher hunger gauge will need more food to replenish its energy.

How do I make pet food?

A hungry pet can barely use its skills or abilities. At the point of purchasing a pet, you will receive x20 on Nutritious Feed which replenishes the pet’s stamina. Thereafter you will have to buy cheap food that is sold by stable keepers or purchase nutritious food from the pearl store. Buying in-game food is a good idea but a costly option. This can even be more troubling when you have mores pets. However, you can choose to craft food for your pet thus save your money or loyal points for another purpose. You can craft good feed or organic feed for your pets. Good feed restores your pet’s hunger by 20%. Hence, it is vital to stock up sufficient feed for your pets. Unlike organic food that has to be made with milk, cooking good feed is easier. Its ingredients are easy to find. Other than keeping your pets active, crafting good feed for your pets will also add an extra life skill to your character. Here are some essential tips that you can utilize in crafting pet food:

Cooking Good Feed

In order to cook anything in BDO, you ought to have a residence where you can stock up cooking utensils as well as other necessary materials. For you to cook the best good feed for your pets you should use the following proportions for a single batch:

  • 4x flour of any kind
  • 3x water from a vendor
  • 1x fresh fish
  • 2x dried fish
  • 6x meat of any kind

After you have gathered all the materials above, you will be good to go. Simply press start after putting the ingredients in cooking tool boxes. Stick to the ratios for the best feed. You can make the cooking process continuous to produce more batches until the ingredients are exhausted.

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How about getting fish?

You can only get fresh fish by catching it yourself. The recipe requires a single fresh fish and two dried ones for a single batch of good feed. So, dried fish can be bought from the market or be gathered from fishing nodes. Your workers can help in this regard.

What about making flour?

Flour is another important ingredient that you should have too. It is made through grinding grains such as barley, wheat and corn. Luckily, grains can be gathered by your foot soldiers, making it easy for you. Likewise, you can gather grain by yourself using grain nodes from farms around the Black Desert.

How do I get meat?

Securing meat is similar to getting fresh fish. You have to buy it from the market or gather it yourself. You can find any meat as the recipe states although lamb meat is easier to gather and cheaper as well.  All you need is a butchering knife to harvest meat after killing a lamb. Meat is a highly sought after an ingredient that you will have to preorder from the market if you need it in large quantities. Nevertheless, you can gather more meat from the mountains located between Serendia and Baleros.

What about getting water?

Water is very cheap. You can purchase it from Cooking Merchants.


Black Desert Online Pets are extremely important in the grinding process. The pets should be fed to maintain their stamina. Crafting food for your pets is easy and economical. Finally, remember to buy pets with special skills and superior abilities to enhance your grinding capabilities.

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