The Best LoL Champions for Beginners

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So you have recently caught wind of the professional e-sports scene and see League of Legends routinely dominating news headlines and streaming platforms. You take an interest in the game and make the decision to jump in and start learning from the ground up. In order for this endeavor to be fruitful, you must first understand the Best LoL Champions for Beginners. Depending on which role you choose, these champions will not only help you learn, but also assist you in climbing the ladder if you decide to dabble in the ranked scene.

Who Can You Find in the Mid Lane?

The mid lane is viewed as an intense one-versus-one matchup depending on the champions involved. Two types of champions are typically present here: assassins and mages. Assassins require a bit more knowledge to be effective at all stages of the game. If a beginner player gravitates toward this lane, mages are the way to go. This brings forth an important question. Of all the mage champions available, which should I choose?

Team Fight Effectiveness

The most important thing to remember when starting out and choosing a champion is simple mechanics. This means easy to play. To that end, Annie is the perfect champion for beginners. Annie works so effectively because not only does she not require any skill shots to master, she has point and click crowd control which is incredibly valuable for any skill level. All of Annie’s spells are easy to use and understand, including her passive which sets up any damaging spell to stun. Furthermore, and this is the icing on the cake, Annie’s ultimate ability can stun multiple targets and is very useful in team fights.This isn’t restricted to the mid lane. Mechanically simple champions exist across all roles.

Able to Give and Take Damage

Perhaps in other games, you have always gravitated towards more physical characters that can both take and dish out damage in an effective way. The best way to visualize this in the mind is by thinking of an offensive tank. The top lane in League of Legends has historically been home to these types of champions, most notably because it is the lane most separated from the rest of the team. The term often thrown around to describe them is the bruiser and for a lot of players, the top lane is where they feel most comfortable.

Simple Mid, Simple Top

While you won’t find many mages in the top lane, there are easy to learn champions that fill the same niche Annie does. The most notable example is Garen. Garen‘s abilities are newcomer friendly. Not only will Garen escape ganks most of the time due to his Decisive Strike, which grants increased movement speed, it is very hard to kill him because of his passive which regenerates health when not in combat. Similarly to Annie, Garen’s ultimate ability pushes him over the edge as it is a point and click execution that will almost assuredly finish off a low health target.

Sustain and High Damage

Maybe you tried out both top and mid lane and decided that laning alone wasn’t exactly your cup of tea. That is quite all right because the bottom lane requires teamwork. The bottom lane consists of two distinct roles: support and ADC. Support is exactly what it sounds like. It exists not to generate gold, but to assist and keep the most important person on most teams alive: the ADC, or Attack Damage Carry. Together these two players can take over complete control of a game and bleed their advantage into other areas of the map.

The Sustain Part of the Equation

Support champions require arguably the least amount of mechanics. The recommended champion is not mechanically difficult but is very difficult to deal with an early win a game. That champion is Soraka. Soraka makes it difficult to kill an ADC, because not only does she have a single target and team wide heal, she also has a silence. In recent years, Riot Games has made an effort to remove silences from the game, but those that exist are useful, to say the least. Soraka can prevent a champion from casting abilities for a brief time with this silence and can also stop channeling abilities present on some champions such as Rammus. Soraka has no skill shots and any beginner will feel at ease with less mechanics.

Range Wins the Day

ADC, or Attack Damage Carry, certainly sounds intimidating from the name alone, but that does not have to be the case. While ADCs usually require the most skill to be effective, some require much less than others. Caitlyn is an ADC who will shine for you as a beginner. Caitlyn excels at two very critical points in the game: early and late game. She has a very long auto attack range that can be difficult for the enemy team to handle at the beginning. While she does possess two skill shots, they are not imperative to her overall effectiveness. Not only does she have a form of CC with her traps, she also has an execute ultimate that is point and click, similar to Garen. Come late game, Caitlyn is able to completely ravish a team with range and auto attacks and will do you no wrong as you continue to learn.

The Mind Game

So you tried out every single role and you are certain that this laning business just isn’t for you. There is one role in LoL that does not require any laning prowess whatsoever. On any team, the player with the most responsibility is the jungler. Not only is the jungler responsible for securing objectives and influencing lanes through ganks, he or she must also determine where the enemy jungler is likely to be during any stage of the game. In this way, it is the role most similar to a mind game.

Objective Control

The recurring theme amongst all the recommended champions thus far has been abilities which don’t require too much skill. Nunu fits that description well. Not only does Nunu possess zero skill shots, he has a point and click slow, second smite, and area wide AOE ultimate that slows and does damage based on duration. The skill that should be highlighted the most is his Consume which can act as a second smite and is vital when you are defending or contesting an objective. In a lot of ways Nunu is considered a support jungler and there is absolutely nothing wrong with setting aside your pride and relying on your teammates as you focus on the strategy elements to climb the ranks.

Simple Mechanics Work

If there is one takeaway to be had, it should be that low skill champions are undoubtedly the best for beginners. Playing someone without a complicated kit will allow you to focus on other important aspects of the game such as csing and macro play. There are simple champions for every role and those outlined in this article will help you understand the game better across the board. Don’t feel intimidated by League of Legends. There is a lot of information to absorb, but beginners can still make an impact on champions such as Annie or Garen, and have a lot of fun in the process.

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