Merlin’s Crystal OSRS Quest Guide, Requirements, and Rewards

Merlins Crystal OSRS Quest Guide
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The Merlin’s Crystal OSRS quest serves as the first quest within the Camelot quest series. Here, players will be tasked with helping Merlin the wizard to escape a crystal. The witch Morgan Le Faye has trapped Merlin within the crystal prison, so King Arthur enlists your help to free him.

In this guide, we will be discussing the following:

  • Merlin’s Crystal Quest Requirements
  • Step-by-Step Quest Guide
  • Quest Rewards

Merlin’s Crystal OSRS Requirements

For starters, you are going to need to be able to defeat an enemy at level 39. The item’s you’ll need to complete Merlin’s Crystal include a tinderbox, a bucket of wax, and some bread. You will also need bat bones, though you will obtain these through the quest.

The following item’s aren’t required, but you should get your hands an a Varrock and Camelot teleport tablet, as well as a couple of Falador teleport tablets. If you want a quick way of getting to Taverley, then you should try to acquire a teleport or a games necklace.

Merlin’s Crystal OSRS Step-by-Step Guide

To get started with the quest, you need to head to Camelot and speak to King Arthur. You will want to ask him if you want to join the Knights of the Round Table, though you will be needed to prove your worth. To do so, you will be tasked with freeing Merlin from a crystal. With that in mind, your next move is to speak with other knights to see if they have any solutions.

Firstly, find Sir Gawain nearby in either the castle or the courtyard, and discuss both options with him. He will suggest that Morgan Le Faye might have an idea as the creator of the enchantment. Once you have finished speaking to him, head over to the first floor of Camelot Castle to speak with Sir Lancelot. Speak with him to see if he has any clues on how to enter Morgan Le Faye’s keep, which he will suggest needs to be accessed via the sea.

Getting into the Keep

Go down the road located to the south to reach Catherby. Go south of the bank on the dock where you will find a merchant known as Arhein, who will let you know about his boat and where its heading. We want to head north so that we can get into a house near the bank to find a bottle of insect repellent.

Take some armour with you then go to the dock near the candle shop. Behind the shop you will find a few crates, so click on them so that you can hide within them. You will see some dialogue between the workers as they pack your crate up and put you in the boat. This will eventually take you to Keep Le Faye.

Helping Merlin Escape

You will need to keep an eye out for the renegade knights in the castle, then go up to the top floor of the castle. Here you will find Sir Mordred, who will be at level 39. Defeat him to make Morgan Le Faye appear, who will beg you to not kill here son, in exchange for telling you how to free Merlin.

To do so, you will need a few items. Firstly, head outside the keep to find giant bats, and kill one to get bat bones. Next we need a black candle, so go north to where you will locate bee hives. Find the bucket nearby then get yourself a bucket of wax. You then need to use the insect repellent on the hive so you can keep the bees away. Go to Catherby bank next to go to the candle maker. Speak with him and give him the bucket of wax to get a black candle.

The third item we need is Excalibur, which is held by The Lady of the Lake. You can find her to the south-east of Taverley where you will find yourself at the lake. She will tell you that she does have the sword but first wants you to go to Port Sarim and visit the jewellery shop.

Pick up a loaf of bread along the way to Port Sarim, then speak to Veos to get to Port Piscarilius. South of here you can purchase or steal bread from Hosidius. You will soon see a beggar approach you as you enter the shop, who will be asking for food to feed his family. Hand him the bread and he will transform in The Lady of the Lake. This was her way of testing you, and she will hand you the Excalibur sword.

Returning to Camelot

Next, we need to head to Varrock, then to the Zamorak chaos temple which you can be located in the south-east area of the city. Go to the altar then “Check” its so you find the altar to find the words “Snarthon Candtrick Termanto.” You will need to ensure that you exhaust the dialogue so that you can progress.

Going back to Camelot, we now need to free Merlin. To do so, go to the north-eastern area of the castle. Light the black candle and drop the bat bones within the circle. A spirit known as Thrantax the Mighty will appear before you, so say the phrase “Snarthon Candtrick Termanto.” Make sure that you get the phrase right, otherwise the spirit will attack you and you will have to find another black candle.

With the correct phrase being used, you will now be able to control the spirit. Therefore, you can now use this power to request it to free Merlin. Head to the top of the south-east tower to find Merlin within a blue crystal. Use Excalibur on the crystal to smash it and free Merlin. Go back to King Arthur and speak to him to complete the quest.

Rewards for Completing Merlin’s Crystal OSRS

For completing the quest, you will be rewarded with six quest points. You will also receive Excalibur, which you will need for the Holy Grail quest. Finishing the quest will also reward the player with five Kudos, which you can redeem in the Varrock Museum from the Historian Minas.

Congratulations on completing the Merlin’s Crystal OSRS quest. Hopefully this guide will help you through the entire quest, which is classed as an intermediate quest of medium length. It shouldn’t cause you too many issues as long as you are going in prepared with the items that you need, and have the ability to defeat a level 39 enemy.

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