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D23 2019 Highlights: Upcoming Movies to Expect

D23 2019 Highlights - Blog
By | August 30th, 2019 | Categories: Others

The most magical event recently came to pass as Disney showcased all of their upcoming goodies and films on the highly anticipated D23 Expo 2019. While the event was essentially a three-day advertisement of all things Disney, there was a ton of noteworthy announcements of things we can expect to come soon. Think of the whole expo as a sort of E3 and the San Diego Comic Con, only for all things Disney! So, if you love Disney but couldn’t manage to find the time to see what transpired during the event, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. We’ll be listing down the main highlights of the event were as well as the unexpected drops that happened, all the way from the much-awaited news about the Disney Parks down to the new shows that are coming your way!

New Movies to Get Hyped On

The D23 Expo brought about several reveals regarding Disney’s upcoming movies and TV shows. While the news was a tad bit overshadowed by the recent Disney and Sony Spiderman conflict, the company managed to regain its footing by revealing a couple of big name movies and shows, much to the delight of the fans. We received updates about Black Panther 2 for starters. To be released in 2022, Ryan Coogler will once again be back in the director’s chair. There’s not much to say about who they’re casting for the sequel since the movie will be released three years away, but hey, at least we got a date!

Updates for Frozen 2 were also released such as new plot details. The upcoming sequel will finally answer the question and explain why Elsa is the only one that has magic powers, as well as where her and Anna’s parents were going in the beginning of the first movie. And of course, a Disney movie isn’t really a Disney movie without songs! A teaser trailer was shown at the expo that revealed a new song for the animated movie called ‘Into the Unknown’. Get ready to let “Let it Go” go, boys and girls!

Onward, Pixar’s newest movie was also dropped at the expo. With an official trailer shown for the very first time, it will star Chris Pratt and Tom Holland as voice actors for Ian and Barley Lightfoot. The two are teenage elf brothers who live in a contemporary world where unicorns exist and other mystical creatures have jobs to support their living. The siblings stumble upon a magic staff, one that would bring their dead father back to life for 24 hours. The movie is slated for release in 2020.

Disney Parks: New Rides, Attractions, and a Hotel?!

If you’re planning a family vacation or if you simply want to bask alone in all things Disney, there’s a new Disney-themed hotel in Orlando’s Disney Parks branch. You can now immerse yourself further in the Star Wars-themed land by booking a few nights in their hotel: the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser! Board in the Halcyon, the iconic ship of the series and interact with the alien crew as if you’re really being transported to a galaxy far, far away. You can also train with a lightsaber or simply gaze out into the cosmos in your very own room!

Details were also shared during the two-hour presentation regarding Disney Parks. One of the important tidbits of the presentation was when they announced that the Epcot theme park was set to receive a massive overhaul. There will be two nighttime fireworks shows that will be showcased in the Epcot called the “Epcot Forever” and “HarmonioUS”, with the latter being described as “the largest spectacle to ever be created in Disney Parks” according to Bob Chapek, the chairman of Disney Parks. Following that, there will be two new attractions made to further revitalize the aging parks. The first is a Moana-themed attraction called “Journey of Water”, and the second will be a Mary Poppins-themed (I’m Mary Poppins y’all!) attraction.


The folks over at Walt Disney Studios certainly have their work cut out for them. With these D23 2019 Expo revelations, it’s safe to say that just like the Disney characters we’ve come to know and love, there are a lot of reasons for us to be sing and be merry! Ahem, that’s about it for all the takeaways in the D23 Expo! What were your favorite parts of the presentation? Did we miss anything? Leave a comment down below to tell us all about it!

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