In Your Genes: The Temtem Telomere Hack

temtem telomere hack
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Love it or hate it, Temtem took a lot of obvious cues from Pokémon. Aside from catching monsters and making them battle, Pokémon is known for giving players (or rather, trainers) a chance to train and raise them as well in order to make them stronger. If that’s something you’re going to do, it’s important to know about the item called the Temtem Telomere hack.

How does stat growth work in Temtem?

However, before we get to that item in question, we need to first discuss how stat growth works in its counterparts. It’s already been said that in Temtem, training and raising the namesake critters is as important as catching. Then again, the same is also true in Digimon. The latter, however, has a very different stat growth system. On top of that, unlike Pokémon, which fundamentally had the same stat growth system since 1996 and was tweaked little by little into what it is today, Digimon has a different one every game. 

On the other hand, because Temtem is a game that caters to Pokemon ex-fans that either simply lapsed or have grown to dislike the series, it has a similar stat growth. Perhaps too similar. Temtem also has HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. It’s awfully familiar, but Temtem added another stat: Stamina, which determines how many techniques a Temtem can pull off per turn.

How much these stats increase every time a Temtem levels up is determined by two things: Training Values and Single Values. The higher they are for a particular stat, the more points that stat gains upon level up. The difference is that Training Values, as the name suggests, can be increased by training, while Single Values cannot. This is because this is the inherent stat growth a Temtem has. To put in human terms, Single Values is the natural talent of a person. For a lack of a better word, some Temtems grow in a particular stat more than others of the same kind.

What’s a Temtem Telomere Hack and how do you get them?  

Even though Single Values are unaffected by training, there is one item that allows tamers to bump it up: The Temtem Telomere Hack. These items boost a specific SV by 1. These are rare items that you can’t buy off a shop; you’ll have to win against certain NPC tamers or finish quests in order to get them. Because of the way they’re obtained, there are only a limited number of them per playthrough, so players need to use them wisely.

A month back, players could actually buy Telomere Hacks from others as an alternative to finding these items by themselves. Given how tough they are to obtain, it wasn’t surprising that they were sold at rather lofty prices. Among the stats that they boost, telomere hacks for speed are the priciest ones, as it managed to be worth as much as 10,000 Pansun. Perhaps due to balancing issues, or perhaps they wanted to the devs decided to make them untradeable.

Aside from the fact that they’re hard to come by, you also have to take into account one particular drawback: The Temtem Telomere Hack reduces Fertility by 1. So if you want a particular Temtem to breed, think twice first before giving it a hack. At the same time, giving it a Temtem Telomere Hack before breeding in order to ensure that the offspring is going to have higher SV is also an option. At the end of the day, it’s all about weighing the pros and cons.

In Conclusion

Having said all that, when you put their quantity and much SV they grant into consideration, you’ll realize that Temtem Telomere Hacks aren’t items that will make or break a Temtem. Nevertheless, a small boost in SV is still better than no boost at all. Believe us, there will be battles where victory and defeat will be determined by 1 point difference in stats.

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