Blade Blast and Blade Vortex Chieftain

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In need of a melee build that deals tons of DPS to help you clear mobs and take on tough bosses? Then the Blast Blade and Blade Vortex Chieftain just might be for you. Other than its blade-based skills, it also relies on totems.

Passive Skill Tree

Here’s the passive skill tree.

Skill Gem Setup

  • Core Skill:
    • Blade Blast with Concentrated Effect, Elemental Focus, Added Fire Damage, Empower, and Controlled Destruction support gems
    • Blade Vortex with Unleash, Intensify/Flammability, and Combustion support gems
  • CWDT Setup: Cast When Damage Taken with Steelskin, Summon Stone Golem, and Wave of Conviction.
  • Aura: Vaal Righteous Fire, Zealotry, Herald of Ash, and Anger.
  • Totem: Blade Fall with Faster Casting, Multiple Totems, and Spell Totem support gems.
  • Mobility: Dash and Second Wind.

Gear Setup

  • Weapon: Any Rare six-link short bow with +1-3 to level of socketed gems, increased physical damage.
  • Off-hand: The Signal Fire (Unique) for increased attack speed, evasion, mana, 33% physical damage gained as extra fire damage and 50% converted into fire damage, and added fire damage to bow attacks.
  • Body: Loreweave (Unique) for bonus attributes, physical damage, critical strike chance, energy shield, life, mana, rarity of items found, and elemental damage.
  • Head: Devouring Diadem (Unique) for +1 to level and 20% mana cost reduction of socketed gems, trigger level 15 Feast of the Flesh evert 5 seconds, increased energy shield, chance to recharge energy shield when using a spell, eldritch battery, and bonus intelligence and dexterity.
  • Gloves: Asenath’s Gentle Touch (Unique) for bonus intelligence, life, mana, cursing of level 10 temporal chains on hit, non-aura curses you inflict are not removed upon death, enemies near cursed corpses are blinded, enemies killed near cursed corpses explode, dealing 3% of their life as damage.
  • Boots: Any Rare boots with bonuses to life, resistances, fire damage, and movement speed.
  • Belt: Any Stygian Vise with bonuses to life, mana, and elemental resistances
  • Accessories:
    • Kaom’s Way (Unique Ring) for increased life, strength, 2 life gained per enemy hit, +0.4% life regen per endurance charge, and +1 maximum endurance charge
    • Circle of Anguish (Unique Ring) for increased fire damage, fire resistance, strength, and increased buff effect for Herald of Ash
    • Any Rare amulet with bonuses to spell damage, cast speed, dexterity, and elemental resistances
  • Jewels:
    • Watcher’s Eye (Unique) for increased energy shield, life, mana, and 11% fire resistance penetration when affected by Anger
    • Might of the Mek (Unique) for increased effect of non-keystone skills in radius
    • Any Rare jewel with bonuses to physical damage, life, and AoE damage
  • Flasks:
    • Forbidden Taste (Unique) for chance to dodge attacks and spells, phasing, and 93% life recovery on us
    • The Wise Oak (Unique) for increased elemental resistances, 10% increased resistance on element of your lowest uncapped resistance, and 14% elemental resistance penetration of element of your highest uncapped resistanc
    • Chemist’s Granite Flask of Staunching for +3000 armor and bleeding immunity/recovery
    • Atziri’s Promise (Unique) for chaos resistance, 2% of chaos damage leeched as life, 20% of physical damage as chaos damage, and 14% of elemental damage as chaos damage during flask effect
    • Alchemist’s Quicksilver Flask of Iron Skin for increased movement speed and 71% increased armor

With the Blade Blast and Blade Vortex Chieftain, it’s going to be death by a thousand cuts for your enemies. Give it a literal spin–you won’t regret it!

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