Scourge Arrow Pathfinder

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With the Scourge Arrow Pathfinder PoE Build, you’ll be able to clear your way through hordes of enemies in Path of Exile: Harvest. Reliable and powerful, it’s a solid choice if you want to try out a ranger class for this expansion.


  • Good single-target damage and clear speed
  • High movement speed, life, melee evasion
  • Considerable defensiveness
  • Permanent flask uptime and elemental ailment immunity


  • Requires lots of intelligence
  • Can be tricky
  • Enemies don’t die right away

Passive Skill Tree

Here’s the Passive Skill Tree.

Skill Gem Setup

  • Core Skill: Scourge Arrow with Added Chaos Damage, Unbound Elements, Deadly Ailments, Mirage Archer, and Infused Channeling support gems.
  • Debuff/Utility: Wither, Spell Totem with Multiple Totems and Faster Casting support gems, Summon Skitterbots, Summon Stone Golem, Despair.
  • Mobility: Blink Arrow, Withering Step.
  • Buffs/Aura: Precision, Herald of Agony, Plague Bearer, Blood Rage.
  • CWDT Setup: Cast When Damage Taken with Immortal Call and Increased Duration support gem.

Gear Setup

  • Weapon: Lioneye’s Glare (Unique) for increased elemental damage with attack skills, physical damage, attack speed, mana, far shot, and hits can’t be evaded.
  • Off-hand: iLvl 64+ Two-Point Arrow Quiver with Corroded/Shuddering Fossil, with bonuses to chaos damage over time multiplier, chance to gain frenzy charge when hitting rare/unique enemy, life, chance to poison on hit, poison damage, and attack speed.
  • Head: Devoto’s Devotion (Unique) for increased dexterity, physical damage, attack speed, armor, evasion, chaos resistance, and movement speed; Mercury footprints.
  • Body: iLvl 86+ Assassin’s Garb with -15 Mana Cost and bonuses to life.
  • Gloves: Fenumus Weave (Unique) for level 11 Despair to enemies on hit, grants level 20 Aspect of the Spider skill, increased evasion, life, energy shield, attack speed, cast speed, damage with hits and ailments versus enemies with 3 spider’s web, 10-15 chaos damage for every spider’s web.
  • Belt: Any Rare belt with bonuses to life, DPS, and elemental resistances.
  • Boots: Elusive/Tailwind Boots with bonuses to life regeneration, strength, chaos resistance, movement speed.
  • Accessories:
    • Two Circle of Nostalgia (Unique Ring) for increased frenzy duration, all attributes, chaos damage, chaos resistance while affected by Herald of Agony, and Herald of Agony has 88% increased buff effect
    • Impresence (Unique Amulet) for increased damage over time, chaos damage, life, and chaos resistance
  • Jewels: Any Rare jewels with bonuses to attack speed, life, cast speed, and poison damage.
  • Flasks:
    • Atziri’s Promise (Unique) for chaos resistance and bonus chaos damage
    • Coralito’s Signature (Unique) for lucky critical strike chance, chance to poison on hit, increased poison duration, and grants Perfect Agony during flask effect
    • Forbidden taste (Unique) for 10% chance to dodge attacks and spells and life recovery
    • Blood of the Karui (Unique) for increased life recovery and full life recovery on end of flask effect
    • Bottled Faith (Unique) for Consecrated Ground, increased damage, increased critical strike chance and damage to enemies on Consecrated Ground

The Scourge Arrow Pathfinder isn’t for everybody. But for those that have enough skill and moxie to take it straight into the fray, this efficient killer and survivalist is one of the best and most fun builds there is!

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