Freezing Pulse Totem Templar

By | June 11th, 2020 | Categories: Totem Builds

Path of Exile: Harvest is still pretty hot, so a good way to approach its content would be to cool things down–by a lot. For that, there’s the Freezing Pulse Totem Templar. A chill build both in the literal and figurative sense, it’ll help you out whenever you’re in a tight bind against mobs.

Passive Skill Tree:

Here’s the Passive Skill Tree.

Skill Gem Setup:

  • Core Skill: Freezing Pulse with Cold Damage Plus, Controlled Destruction, Hypothermia, Faster Projectiles, and Power Charge on Critical support gems.
  • AoE/Secondary Damage: Frost Bomb with Increased Area of Effect and Faster Casting support gems.
  • CWDT: Cast When Damage Taken with Frost Wall, Increased Duration, and Vaal Haste.
  • Mobility: Flame Dash with Faster Casting.
  • Utility:
    • Vaal Righteous Fire with Increased Duration.
    • Lightning Golem with Minion Life support gem.
    • Culling Strike.


  • Weapon: Void Battery (Unique) for increased cast speed, global critical strike chance, maximum mana, +1 to maximum power charge, and +25% increased spell damage for every power charge.
  • Helm: Any Rare helm with bonuses to evasion, energy shield, life, and elemental resistances.
  • Body: Soul Mantle (Unique) for level 20 spell totem support on gems, increased spell damage, energy shield, totem life, +1 to totem summoned, inflicts random curse upon totem death.
  • Gloves: Winds of Change (Unique) for increased life, projectile speed and damage, and chance to knock back enemies on hit.
  • Boots: Inya’s Epiphany (Unique) for increased intelligence, life, movement speed, increased damage per power charge, and chance to gain max power charges.
  • Belt: Any Rare Stygian Vise with bonuses to cold damage, life, and elemental resistances.
  • Accessories:
    • Two Kikazaru (Unique Ring) for increased mana regen rate, lightning resistance, reduced effect of curses on you, and regenerate 1 life per second for every level.
    • any Rare amulet with bonuses to attributes, life, elemental resistances, and projectile speed and damage.
  • Jewels: Any Rare jewels with bonuses to spell damage, life, critical chance and multiplier, cast speed, and totem damage.
  • Flasks:
    • Seething Divine Life Flask of Staunching for life recovery and bleeding immunity and removal.
    • Atziri’s Promise (Unique) for increased chaos resistance and chaos damage gained during flask effect.
    • The Wise Oak (Unique) for bonus elemental resistances and damage penetration against enemies’ elemental resistances.
    • Perpetual Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline for increased movement speed.
    • Chemist’s Diamond Flask of Heat for lucky critical strike chance and chill/freezing immunity/removal.

It’s cool to be an early bird. And it’s even cooler to be early and have a solid build that will last until the next update. The Freezing Pulse Totem Templar is definitely that. So if you’re worried about the Harvest, take this chill pill to cool things down!

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