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Valorant Best Guns in Each Category

Valorant Best Guns in Each Class
By | June 27th, 2020 | Categories: Valorant

To say that Valorant has made a huge impact on the gaming industry would be an understatement. Riot Games’ effort to replicate a title akin to the likes of CS:GO and Overwatch has gone down a storm since its inception, especially when it made a record-breaking debut on the mammoth streaming service Twitch. With its sheer popularity making such an impression, it will have left many wondering which of the Valorant best guns you should invest in, given that it’s an online shooter and all.

There are a few categories that the guns in Valorant are separated into:

  • Rifle
  • Sniper
  • SMG
  • Shotgun
  • Pistol

You are likely going to need to use all of these categories a some point, so let’s take a look at which guns are the best for each style.

Rifle – Phantom

Remember the M4AI-S from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Then you will be very familiar when you get round to using the Phantom. This is considered to be the best rifle in the game based on the speed in which it can down your foes, and ease of control. You can also slightly alter your approach by right-clicking and increasing your accuracy. This will slow down your rate of fire as a consequence, but it can really help you out in sticky situations.

The impact of this weapon can certainly shift the tides in a number of different instances. If you find yourself in a direct firefight (which is more than likely, of course) then you have the ability to divert your enemy’s crosshairs by landing a headshot.

Honorable Mention for Valorant Best Guns

The Vandal, which is Valorant’s answer to the AK-47, deserves a special mention here. Many will argue that the Vandal deserves top spot in the rifle department, and rightfully so. It does after all have high damage output, and is better from a distance than its counterpart. However, with it has a slower fire rate and higher recoil, which gives the Phantom the slight advantage in many cases.

Sniper – Operator

One shot, one kill. Need we say any more? Probably not, but let’s anyway. The Operator serves as Valorant’s AWP, and it is incredibly deadly. So much so, that the Operator doesn’t discriminate, as It will take down your unsuspecting opponent no matter where in the body it hits them.

Having said that, you still need to make sure that you have your sniping chops up when it comes to using the Operator. You will need to get your aim just right, and the reload animation can often leave you in a vulnerable position. This is somewhat of a concern as you can imagine, so to avoid this, make sure that you don’t miss!

SMG – Spectre

If you are looking for a smaller, useful version of the Phantom, then be sure to check out the Spectre. Its suppressing fire is very impressive, and can be great to use in close combat. The reason I mention close combat is that you need to be aware the Spectre does struggle as you move further away, as its damage and accuracy depletes as you become more distant from the enemy.

Despite this, it is easy to handle and has a recoil system that you should be able to control. If you find yourself in close quarters with the other team, then this can be a great weapon for you to whip out and raise hell with. Its affordable nature also makes it a popular choice, as well as the damage that it is capable of. Needless to say, it’s a must have for your arsenal when you are getting up close and personal, or even at mid-range.

Shotgun – Judge

We just spoke about the impact of short range weapons, so it would only make sense for us to continue the theme and start talking about shotguns. Let’s face it, we all love hearing the ring of a shotgun when you are toe-to-toe with the enemy. Valorant is no different, and it has a rather special offering in the form of the Judge.

This weapon is a semi-automatic shotgun which can dish out some real hurt in close proximities. Its semi-automatic nature is something that can become very handy in tight areas, so be prepared with it equipped for anyone lurking around a narrow corner.

With the typical trait of having a decent blast radius at short range, the Judge can be useful when you have a small group of enemies barrelling towards you. It is limited to being useful in situations like this, but at the same time it is brilliant tool to get you out of something that would surely see you fall when outnumbered.

Pistol – Sheriff

There’s a new Sheriff in town, and it’s called…The Sheriff. The first thing that you will notice about the Sheriff is the price, as it is the most expensive pistol that you can buy. With that price comes a lot of power, making it the strongest pistol in the game.

There is a bit of a catch with the Sheriff, however. You need to be careful with your aiming, as you will cause certain death with a keen eye, but could end up on the wrong side of the living if you miss. Hitting your enemy successfully will cause a great deal of damage, and a well placed headshot could be more than capable of killing them in a single shot.

Conclusion – Valorant Best Guns

Now you should be more clued up on the best guns Valorant has to offer, and what to spend your money on each round. Be sure to keep an eye on your spending, as you won’t need to purchase all of these for every round. Adapt your tactics to the weapon you are choosing.

What we also know is that Valorant shows no signs of slowing down. With an ever-growing playerbase and a huge mark made on the streaming side of all things gaming, the sky appears to be the limit for the latest effort from the illustrious developers Riot Games.

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