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Enchanting is the process of adding buffs to all kinds of gear in WoW WotLK Classic. Players convert Dust, crystals, and essences into enhancements, you can lengthen the duration of a weapon or any piece of armor, so any player is recommended to learn how to enchant. With the addition of Enchanting Vellums in The Burning Crusade, you can save your enchants onto blank scrolls for sale or trade. Store Enchantments for gear players can get later or put them on the AH and profit. In WotLK Classic, enchanting is more potent than ever, and this enchanting guide will show you how to optimize your skilling.

When reaching the Endgame, enchantments become vital for enhancing armor as it provides different buffs to your gear. Aside from having a Death Knight using the Runeforging ability, these are the best way to increase your gear’s stats.

The primary portion of Enchanting is Disenchanting, where instead of enhancing your gear, you destroy them once you no longer have use for these weapons to gather more crafting materials. It is common for Enchanters to also have Tailoring as their second profession for their character in World of Warcraft. Tailoring allows them to create Disenchantable gear. Not having Tailoring as a second profession can become complicated once you are trying to upgrade the mats to 450 or going through the expensive costs of Old World and Outland stages; the number of essences and crystals becomes rare.

Training as an Enchanter

Learning how to Enchant is like every profession; it can be leveled alongside your character. Leveling up your enchantments will give your character the boosts and buffs it needs to fight in PvE and PvP matches and set you apart from players who may have similar gear; that is why we list the Old World and Outland trainers below.

Old World Enchanting Trainers

Old World Enchanting trainers can teach you up to Artisan, and with the previous patches before patch 2.3, players needed to complete a lengthy quest chain inside the Uldaman dungeon. Thanks to Blizzard, they realized how time-consuming it is and removed that quest. For faster and more necessary recipes, Alliance players must find Taladan of Darnassus, while Horde players need to travel to Lavinia Crowe in the Undercity.

Search your AH to efficiently level through Vanilla content to get the Formula: Enchant Bracer (Greater Stamina) and the Formula: Enchant Boots (Greater Stamina) for helpful world drops. The list of recipes need to complete the first step are:

  • Formula: Enchant Bracer (Greater Stamina)
    • World Drop
  • Formula: Lessern Mana Oil
    • Kania (Located in Cenarion Hold, Silithus)
  • Formula: Enchant Boots (Greater Stamina)
    • World Drop
  • Formula: Enchant Shield (Greater Stamina)
    • Horde Players: Daniel Bartlett (Located in Undercity)
    • Alliance Platers: Mythrin’dir (Darnassus)
  • Formula: Runed Arcanite Rod
    • Lorelae Wintersong (Located in Nighthaven, Moonglade)

Outland Trainers

After crossing the Dark Portal, Masters of Enchanting are trainers in the first questing area. Alliance players must go to Honor Hold to find Johan Barnes, while Horder players will find Felannia at the Thrallmar. Both trainers will teach you all the Vanilla enchants besides those that require a recipe.

Approaching Shattrath, the High Enchanter Bardolan of The Scryers with the Zurii of the Aldor are the trainers you are to locate. At this early stage, the leveling process does not require many materials within the first four tiers to be able to get past Master, the formulas required and the specific vendors that sell them are:

  • Formula: Enchant Shield (Major Stamina) and Formular: Superior Wizard Oil
    • Madame Ruby (Located in the Shattrath)
  • Formula: Runed Adamanitite Rod
    • Horde Players: Rungor (Located in the Terokkar Forest)
    • Alliance Players: Vodesiin (Located in the Hellfire Peninsula)


In WoW WotLK Classic, the Grand Master trainers are in your fraction’s first questing area in Northrend. If you are unsure who to find, Horde players will look for Eorain Dawnstrike in Warson Hold, while Alixis Marlowe located in Valiance, will teach for Alliance players.

Reaching Dalaran, Enchanter Nalthanis will lead you to the cap. Fael Morning Song at the Argent Tournament Ground is an alternative that can do the same. WotLK requires non-trainer recipes to be able to finish leveling up. These can be purchased from Vanessa Sellers, who can be found in the Underbelly; you need to use the Dream Shard collected from Disenchanting gear. The formulas are:

  • Formula: Enchant Boots (Greater Assault), Formula: Enchant Cloak (Might Armor), and Formula: Enchant Gloves (Armsman)
    • Vanessa Sellers (Located in the Dalaran)

Required Materials to Level Enchanting to Max

The following is a list of materials that allow different options while leveling; some of these materials are marked with numbers, the minimum requirements to level through each step. These mats are skippable and depend on the formula availability and your decision.

Old World

  • 1x Copper Rod
  • 126x Strange Dust
  • 2x Lesser Magic Essence
  • 1x Silver Rod
  • 12x Greater Magic Essence
  • 9x Simple Wood
  • 25x Lesser Astral Essence
  • 102x Soul Dust
  • 1x Golden Rod
  • 1x Iridescent Pearl
  • 2x Greater Astral Essence
  • 164 – 172x Vision Dust
  • 1x Truesilver Rod
  • 1x Black Pearl
  • 20x Lesser Mystic Essence Greater Mystic Essence
  • 5 – 10x Lesser Nether Essence
  • 5x Greater Nether Essence
  • 200 – 240x Dream Dust
  • 15x Lesser Eternal Essence
  • 20x Purple Lotus
  • 10 – 122x Illusion Dust
  • 1x Arcanite Rod
  • 1x Golden Pearl
  • 15x Lesser Eternal Essence
  • 8x Greater Eternal Essence
  • 8x Large Brilliant Shard


  • 1x Fel Iron Rod
  • 350 to 382x Arcane Dust
  • 20x Lesser Planar Essence
  • 13x Large Prismatic Shard
  • 10 – 15x Nightmare Vine
  • 1x Primal Might
  • 1x Adamantite Rod

Outland and Northrend

  • 14x Greater Planar Essence


  • 704 – 742x Infinite Dust
  • 1x Eternium Rod
  • 10x Crystallized Water
  • 40 – 48x Greater Cosmic Essence
  • 110 – 124x Eternal Earth
  • 48 – 52x Dream Shard
  • 1x Titanium Rod
  • 3x Abyss Crystal

WoW WotLK Classic Enchanting Leveling

As an Enchanter, the endgame recipes can be learned by finding Vanessa Sellers and purchasing them from her. Before you reach Level 450, when having powerful weapons, enchantments will be available; you can also teach new Enchantments that are standards for raids in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. You will want to go to the Underbelly once you have obtained enough Dream Shards to get new formulas.

Ulduar can also give you a chance to enhance the potential of your enchantments. Expect that bosses and caches also have drops for formulas to use on an Enchanting Weapon. If you want to earn more money, these can be sold at a high price or traded.

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