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ESO Gates of Oblivion – Rumours and What We Expect So Far

ESO Gates of Oblivion
By | January 8th, 2021 | Categories: ESO

The next expansion coming to Elder Scrolls Online is set to be the Gates of Oblivion, bringing a wealth of new content to the game. As excitement builds, we take a look at what we know about the ESO Gates of Oblivion addition.

In this article, we will be discussing the following:

  • What is ESO Gates of Oblivion?
  • What Can We See from the Trailer?
  • Rumours/Expectations

Before we get into the good stuff, let’s first take a look at what the expansion actually is.

What is ESO Gates of Oblivion?

As you will have already noticed, ESO has opted to give players the opportunity to visit nostalgic locations in the online title, such as Daggerfall, Morrowind, and of course the Dark Heart of Skyrim content that has been introduced to the game. With that, many players have been expecting to see Oblivion content arriving at some point, and now they have something to get hyped for.

Oblivion was part of The Elder Scrolls IV, and given its name, you can see why it closely resembled hell. There are hints towards this included in the trailer for the expansion, which gave us a first look at the new expansion.

What Can We See from the Gates of Oblivion Trailer?

As for the trailer itself, we see the nightmarish themes that we would expect to see from Oblivion. Though it is only short, we do get to see an appearance from antagonist Mehrunes Dagon, who looks to have been summoned to play a major role in the expansion. Sadly, the trailer is rather short and we don’t get to see an awful lot more than that.

We do get to see a book with the Oblivion rune, as well as a short appearance from a Daedric Prince. It seems that the game’s scenery from Elder Scrolls IV is going to play a rather large presence when it does release.

Rumours and Expectations for ESO Gates of Oblivion

So what can we take from the information that we have so far? It is safe to say that despite the short trailer only providing us with a small taste of what’s to come, we are going to get a new region to explore that is based on the release of Elder Scrolls IV. There is of course speculation that surrounds the name of the expansion too. Given that it is entitled Gates of Oblivion, will the main quest be solely focused on opening and closing the Gates of Oblivion themselves? Of course, this is purely speculation so far, but who knows?

The next big question that many will be wondering is when the expansion will actually release. The timeframe for the actual release seems to be vague, and unfortunately pretty broad. The trailer to announce the expansion was released back at the Game Awards. However, the only look at a release window was 2021.

Rather than speculate that its going to come out sometime between now and December, there may be a clue as to when we can expect it going off last year’s release. In 2020, we saw the release of the Greymoor expansion in May, so it could be a better ballpark to go off of by assuming that it is going to release at some point around that time this year too.

Though we don’t have any further details as to when the release date is, there is an event being held by the game’s developers later this month on January 21st. But what can we expect from this event? So far, it isn’t really known fully what we will learn about the Gates of Oblivion, however we are hoping that more than anything we will get a solid release date from it. Thankfully, given that we are only a short amount of time away from the event, we won’t have to wait much longer to find out if the event does tell us when Gates of Oblivion will be releasing.

With the event just around the corner, and with the exception of the release date, what else should we expect from the event? Naturally the date that it releases is going to be a big talking point if it is mentioned, but with the trailer being so short it would only be fair for us to expect further details about the new chapter. One thing we are getting is a Viridescent Dragon Frog pet as a Twitch drop if you do tune into the event.

What we will also expect to see is a bit more clarity on how the storyline plays out. There is a bit of confusion where the timeline is concerned, and how it will take place in ESO. We saw with the Morrowind expansion that the events that took place in TES: Morrowind weren’t explored per se, so will the Gates of Oblivion suffer from the same fate?


With there being a large cluster of fans out there once holding onto hope for a remake of Oblivion at some point, these hopes may have been dashed in favour of this ESO addition. However, it is difficult to see how this would provide respite for fans who were expecting a remake. We have been stricken by the nostalgia bug in recent years of gaming, and calls for remakes are always a hot topic.

So how will Gates of Oblivion play into ESO? The reason as to why this question is raised is based on Oblivion taking place three years after the events of Morrowind, yet ESO takes place 800 years before. So what we seemingly will expect to see is that there is going to be some difference in the events that will unfold. We have seen Zenimax draw influence from Oblivion before with Oblivion Gates but we are likely to see far more detail in the upcoming expansion where looking back to the beloved TES title is concerned.

So ESO Gates of Oblivion is expected to release in 2021, and despite all of the rumours and expectations that have been covered so far, we won’t have anything concrete until later this month. If you are anticipating more news, then be sure to tune into the special event being held on January 21st, 2021.

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