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I’ve always wondered why soccer was a popular international sport. A game takes a long time to finish one match. Players must depend on the skill of the teammates; scoring one goal could appear to be the hardest task ever. The rise of soccer in the twenty-first century has made Electronics Arts (EA) make a game that gamers from around the world are enjoying. EA has made seventeen amazing seasons of FIFA. By the way, I did some research and here’s what I found.

Competition is One Major Factor

Humans love competition. The feeling of “I’m better than you and you should know it” is addicting in sports. Competition brings out the spirit of the games; that’s why we hate losing. Gamers spend so much time grinding (other than collecting those FIFA coins) or training to get better. PvP and eSports tournaments are popular.

Even if you’re not into competing, you still get something out of representing someone or a team who competes. Supporting a team is an exhilarating experience when it’s showtime on the field. Betting pools earn money by becoming a fan and cheering on their team. Another way of supporting someone is through coaching. When a person you train wins in a competition, you feel like a winner.

Gambling and the Schedules of Reinforcement

Spending FIFA 17 coins for packs is similar to gambling. Betting can be addicting because of the schedules of reinforcement in conditioning. I’ll try to spare you the science in my explanation.

The schedules dictate when behavior gets a reward. It could be as simple as “every time you clap, you get a reward” or “you get a reward every five minutes.” A more complicated behavior is something like a rare mob that drops good equipment spawning randomly in a map. There’s no fixed schedule. Sometimes another would spawn as soon as one is killed, or it would take hours before it would appear again.

What’s important is that you get a reward by doing something multiple times. To illustrate, imagine there’s a vending machine; you can’t see what’s inside and there’s no visuals of how the sodas look. The label says that the machine has sodas from around the world, but you don’t know which one will come out. You want a particular soda right now. You don’t know how many times you have to push the button to get it. So you keep pushing the button until that specific one comes out.

Now you know why gambling is hard to stop. As long as there’s a chance you to win, you’ll keep on betting or raising the pot. FIFA’s card packs work in the same way. You’ll always want to buy packs until you get the player or whatever rare card you want. Gatchas and loot boxes also use this principle because it’s common. It creates a cycle where you gather coins to buy them, and when you don’t get what you want, you’ll start to collect coins again.

Something to Consider

FIFA is addicting since some players are fans of the real-life game; others were influenced by friends or family and they didn’t want to disappoint. Gamers like gameplay challenges. Besides, they explain why many games are successful. It’s funny how some easy games can become boring quickly. Sometimes, we get too wrapped up in the game to figure it out. Enjoy the game with your FIFA 17 account.

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