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Apex Legends Review: Let the “Arena” Games Begin

Apex Legends Review
By | February 20th, 2019 | Categories: Others

For about two years since this new gaming mechanic created a new genre in the video game industry, many games have been trying to obtain the perfect formula of the Battle Royale. New games primarily arose with the focus of this famous “player vs. player arena”; while other old franchises adapted this formula to their newly installments. Either way, this type of genre never misses in capturing the attention of many players from around the glove. And out of nowhere came a “little” game with a distinctive name “Apex Legends” and somehow is now on top of the chards and everyone is talking about it (that, of course, includes us). In this Apex Legends Review, we will discuss the new elements that the game brings to the table and how it became addictive in a relatively short time.

But before we go deep in this particular game, let’s discuss the Battle Royale formula profoundly. Every video gamer knows how competitive a game can be when you’re dealing with another human player. There’s always that constant uncertainty when you’re not too sure about the other player’s behavior. With the information that some of the games provide, you may probably know your adversary level of experience and equipped items. Having that kind of information, you might figure out the chances of winning the fight; but the level of skill that another player possesses, it can never be correctly measured. The Battle Royale genre outlines the “skill” part of every player to another level. The game places you in one “arena” with other players that have nothing in their inventory and try their best to survive. These types of games are relatively hard to win, but when you do, you probably feel like you’re at the top of the world.

What’s new in Apex Legends?

  1. Legends
  2. Falling Damage
  3. Squad vs Squad Mode (3 vs. 3)

First, let’s compare first the elements that Apex Legends can relate to any other Battle Royale game. You press play, and in a couple of seconds you’re connected to the gaming server, something loads, and you see the entire arena in front of you. Depending on your “mood,” you prepare to land in a particular part of the map, hoping that this decision gave you some advantages over other players. If you’re lucky, the landing location can provide some good “loot” (weapons, armor, and consumables). Later on, there’s a notification about a “safe ring” where all the players in the arena have to transverse to survive longer. At the same time, this ring gathers the remaining players in close combats where the skilled player remains victorious. When you (or your team) becomes the last player(s) in the arena, a pop-up message appears on your screen, letting you know that “You’re the Champion.


You’ll probably guess from the title of the game, that it contains “Legends.” These characters come with different looks, attributes, and skills. Each legend brings a different gaming mechanic that changes the way you experience every single game. This concept is also present in another FPS (First Person Shooter) game (Overwatch), where every hero has the potential “ultimate” that may change the “course” of a match.

Falling Damage

Besides the Legends thing, there are fewer things that change the flow of the gameplay, like for example, no falling damage. With that damage out of the picture, the developer team had more freedom in level design. By this, it means that they took their focus on constructing more structures that take advantage of the vertical plane. So you’re able to travel quicker around the arena; which at the end, it means that you’ll get non-stop action. In other words, due to the constant mobility, the matches tend to be short.

Squad vs. Squad Mode (3 vs. 3)

When you queue for the first time, you may find it odd that you get paired with two other people. That’s because, at the moment, Apex Legends only has squad vs. squad mode (3 vs. 3). Like any co-op multiplayer game, communication is the key to success. If you have no microphone, fear not. This game contains a fantastic Ping System that pretty much keeps the team well informed.

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Is Apex Legends free-to-play (F2P)?

Yes, it is. You can easily find it in Origins (for PC) or the corresponding console store (PS4 and Xbox One) and start the download. But wait, if it’s free, how are they getting some revenue? With Microtransactions. You may already have seen this business formula in some mobile games. But this time around, in Apex Legends you can buy cosmetics and two locked Legends. You also have the option to unlock the Legends with in-game currency, but it may take a long while to gather the required resources. Is up to you if you want to spend your hard-earned cash for some gaming contents, or have some patience and unlock stuff as you play the game.

Go Now and Play!

Hope you had learned a thing or two in this Apex Legends Review. If you’re one of those players that is a great fan of all those FPS games, you should give it a try. If you’re still not 100% convinced, at the moment, this game is the top number one watched on Twitch. Feel free to look out a couple of streams and get to know the graphics and the flow of the game. When you feel comfortable enough, download the game and try a couple of matches. Don’t worry if you make some mistakes on the road to become the “True Apex Legends Champion.” Besides, due to the short duration of the games and the lack of a microphone, there’s less toxicity from other players. Last but not least, check every Legend and see what “role” sticks with your type of gameplay. For example, get a support Legend if you want to buff your teammates and keep them focus on shooting the “bad guys.”

Remember to have fun all the time and like any other game, it’s always better if you play with some friends. So gather a couple of competent buddies that can handle the action and aim for the victory. Good Luck, Have Fun.

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