Scoping Out Your Performances with a Fortnite Stats Tracker

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Fortnite is currently one of the most popular free to play games out there, and its Battle Royale mode is especially attractive to millions of players. As with many other competitive games, it stimulates the wish in many to track their gaming history, where a tool such as a Fortnite Stats Tracker comes in especially handy.

So, you are eager to check your own statistics at any point in time, perhaps show them off to a friend and prove how many Battle Royale’s you actually won recently? Luckily for you, there are many different options that will enable you to do exactly that; track whatever happened to you in your past games, how many kills you had, how many times you bit the bullet and so forth… Some of these are website-based tracking systems, others are easy to use and very handy smartphone app solutions. These trackers are not only good for showing you where your strengths in Fortnite are, but also where you are not so brilliant, indicating where you need to practice more to improve your survival skills. Personally, we believe that this is the greatest benefit of the application, to be able to glance your statistics and analyze which areas of your gameplay demand for improvement and how this improvement might come to happen. For example, if you notice that you die very often by headshots when dueling other sharpshooters, then maybe you should focus on changing your habit as far as the “wacky dance” is concerned and try to focus on giving off more flick-shots… Or, on the other hand, try to flank the opponent whenever possible and use your superior close-quarter combat skill to win the day.

The Statistical Chaos

Every battle Royale match in Fortnite is chaotic and filled with constant action. At any moment, the statistics for each and every fight are numerous, up to the point where it is hard to say what exactly is happening. This is where the Fortnite Stats Tracker comes to action. If you are using one of the many website versions, you should be able to quickly access your stats by simply entering your in-game nickname and get your current season results displayed. Trackers usually present you with the weekly score which is reflecting your performance over the past seven days. It will quickly show you your Kill/Death ratio along with the number of matches won and lost. The players can also view their scores in different game modes, which is a very important item when it comes to determining its own strengths and weaknesses. When playing either solo’s, duos or squads you can gather your detailed list of successes and, well, fails. Observing these even for a short time can offer a player insight into what size of the team and what playstyle suits you best. If you see that squad matches mostly end your career prematurely, especially if it is all about random squads, then you can focus on either improving the odds by changing your playstyle in this mode or focus even more energy on other modes where you are above average when compared with your fellow mate brothers-in-arms.

So, what is it? Do your best work alone? Is a duo the perfect size of your team? Or do you prefer to fight with your friends in squads as a well-oiled machine where everyone knows exactly how to behave and cover each other at every moment of the match?

Top Players

It is good to know where your own strengths lie, but what it all boils down to in the end is the player versus the rest of the world. It is possible to filter stats through several different criteria, amongst other the choice between PC, PS4 or Xbox stats and find out how you rank in terms of general score, Kill/Death Ratio, Wins and percentage of wins and others. If your friends are also involved in Fortnite you can measure your own accomplishments to theirs and compare your stats versus a single player. This can easily prove your squad mates that you are a true master of Battle Royale fights when you are alone, and the reason your team with them always dies is simply because they suck!

Occasionally, there is trouble with the Stats tracker, such as instances where the tracker can’t be activated and cover the actions of a certain player. Should you encounter the Fortnite Statistics Unavailable bug, as many others before you have, rest assured that this is merely a bug regarding you checking your stats, and not stats obtained. Even though this message is displayed, and you can’t check up on your own statistic, you can rest assured that the stats are being tracked as well in the game itself. This bug usually fixes itself up soon, and you can continue playing as if nothing happened.

Fortnite Stats Tracker Apps

Fortnite statistics can be easily tracked via one of the many apps for the smartphones. The advantage of these is that a player can be focused on the game, either on PC or a console, and quickly use the specific app to check their notes and see their standings. There is also some Stats tracker that function absolutely fine as an overlay during the streaming, consider using those while gaming as well.

The amount of interesting information the stats tracker provides these days is amazing. For each player, it will show the Best TRN Rating, current rank, and score. On the other next level, it will display the wins, Win percentage, kills and kill/death ratio.

The next division is depending on the number of players; solo, duo and squad teams. Other than wins and percentages there is also the number of games the player was arriving to top 10 and top 25 positions. Finally, there are Kills per Match, Score, and Scores per Match.

Whereas users can work and create their Stats Tracker, choosing what they will be following for each player, they do in fact have one limitation that can’t be circumvented. That is the actual statistics that Epic Games is truly following. If the Epic Games is not following, let’s say, team kills, then no one will be able to include that feature in a custom-made stats tracker.

The positive news is that Fortnite developers have indeed recognized the possibilities and how positive this type of trackers can work out for the overall Fortnite hype so that they themselves are starting to work on introducing a greater variety of statistics to the game.

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