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The Big Warframe Updates are Coming

The Big Warframe Updates
By | August 13th, 2019 | Categories: Warframe

2019 is looking to be a huge year for looter shooters. Warframe is finally getting its story update by the end of the year. With the next part of the story, titled ‘The New War’ coming up and a trailer recently being released, we couldn’t be more hyped.

One of the many things Warframe gets right is the storyline. The main questline is considered to be one of the best in sci-fi/fantasy games, comprised of some challenging gameplay and amazing cinematics in looter shooters. You’ll find plenty of YouTubers reacting to some of these quests for the plot twists as well and from what we know of the story so far, some big ones are heading out way.

The Big Warframe Updates are Coming, and we’re going to take you through everything we know about ‘The New War’and ‘The Duviri Paradox’ so far, along with other updates we’ll be receiving on the way.

The New War- Release Date

The last story quest Warframe put out was ‘The Sacrifice’ (keeping aside the Chimera Prologue), and that was back in June 2018. ‘The New War’ is slated to release in Christmas 2019, an entire year and six months after the previous quest. The wait has been long and the quest is apparently going to be grander than the two big quests Warframe is known for, The Second Dream and The War Within.

The New War was earlier slated to release in July 2019, even before Tennocon. However, it is still highly probable that the release will be preponed by a few months, to keep up with other looter shooters. Destiny 2 gets its Shadowkeep expansion in September, around the same time Borderlands 3 comes out.

The Sentient Story

The Digital Extremes has written a great story so far. The Lotus going rogue is still fresh in our minds and from what we’ve seen about The New War so far, we’re going to see more of her in the quest. We obviously know that the ‘trilogy’ they promised (The Second Dream, The War Within, and Sacrifice) has more to it, considering how The Sacrifice ended. But Space Mom has apparently turned even meaner and is leading a war against the Tenno. The short teaser from Tennocon 2018 showed us a hostile force invading Earth.

The quest is quite possibly going to be about finding a way to invade Tau, which in turn will introduce a new tileset. A special Sentient tileset has been talked about a lot, and it is highly likely that we’ll be getting something similar in The New War.

Dog Days Tactical Alert

This event is currently ongoing. It is a summer themed event based around a beach style arena and a “Soaktron” squirt gun. It offers a team based mode that rewards players for each victory. These rewards include a special currency that can be traded in Cetus for unique cosmetic items.

There are four tiers of rewards:

  1. 50k Credits and Redeemer Abysso Skin (weapon cosmetic)
  2. 50k Credits and Hydroid’s Relay Scene
  3. 50k Credits and Hydroid Reprise Noggle (ship cosmetic)
  4. Stratos Emblem + Orokin Reactor

Warframes participate in a deathmatch with abilities, mods, and pets disabled, and the Soaktron often needing a refill from the water fountains. It’s a pretty fun mode, so grab your rewards while it’s still up!


We’ve been pretty excited for this one, and we have good news: it’s coming before The New War. Railjacks are large interceptor spacecrafts for the Tenno, filled with an arsenal of weapons and systems that will allow cross-ship combat. A special room in the Dojo will allow the Tenno to even customize the Railjacks. This dock will be released earlier than the actual Railjacks.

Railjacks can be controlled by one Tenno (a pretty responsible Tenno probably). Ideally, you would want a full team of four Tenno, each operating a different part of the ship. Operations include helm control, repair work and damage control, intruder protection, and the best one: battle-stations. Players will be allowed to take control and switch between operations, so you will not be limited to repair work. Let’s admit it, everyone is going to jump at the battle-stations.

Railjacks will also include slingshots that can shoot a Tenno and their Archwing at enemy ships. Players will be allowed to navigate in space using their Archwings, and engage in combat as desired.

The Duviri Paradox

Tennocon 2019 also gave us a look at The Duviri Paradox. Warframe has already given us two incredible open worlds- Orb Vallis and Fortuna -and somehow, they’ve managed to blow our minds with the third one as well. There are actual space horses in the trailer and boy, do they look badass. The trailer ended with a shot of a warrior on this majestic creature that has just roamed around this dark land that we can’t wait to see more of.

Warframe will introduce a fifth faction of enemies with this update, along with time travel. Yeah, you read that right. The Operator is going to be a grown-up human in this world, and according to the trailer, they see a vision of themselves. Since this open world is going to be centered around Operators, we will be able to use weapons as Operators for the first time ever.

Final Thoughts

Warframe has always offered some amazing content through their major updates. We only have 5 months left in 2019, and so much is going to be released in this period. Right from giant sentient fights and space craft battles to being launched into the open space with a slingshot and roaming a dark, open world on a space horse: is there anything Digital Extremes can’t do?

We’re looking forward to this barrage of content and it astounds me how much a free-to-play game can offer. Digital Extremes’ dedication and love for their game only grows stronger as we see them put out content that puts some paid game DLCs to shame.

Warframe will also add Directx9 support sometime this year. And a gentle reminder to everyone that Steve from Digital Extremes had advised players not to sell the Paracesis. The advice is too specific for it not to be related to these coming updates, so make sure you hold on to that weapon.

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