High Five for Warframe Plains of Eidolon

Warframe Plains of Eidolon
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We have read a lot about every novelty in the Warframe Plains of Eidolon patch but how does it feel to enter and experience it for the first time as a new player and a veteran one? I’m going to talk about both points of view so you’ll know what to expect. I’ll be touching base on first time experiences, skills, sights, weapons, and mods.

The Newbie View for Warframe Plains of Eidolon

As a new player, Plains of Eidolon doesn’t give much to take. It’s not the same to the player accustomed to the dungeon-crawling gameplay to the guy that’s completely oblivious to it. I mean, don’t be deceived by the promise of the open world, it’s just an instance. The difference is in how it was made.

You see, dungeons in Warframe are made up every time, so they’re always different. However, Plains of Eidolon was designed as it is right now. It’s shockingly big, but still, you have to enter in an instance, you can’t encounter players camping rares or stealing your mine veins. In a way, let’s be grateful for that.

Barely entering the game I had to do some quests to get all my ship’s stuff, something like a tutorial. Then I entered Cetus for the first time and being new to this place is just like entering a city you don’t know: exactly like in real life, no one is going to run to you and tell you what to do. Instead, I had to explore. Fortunately, the minimap shows you the NPC’s that you can talk to, so you don’t lose time trying to talk to everyone.

My thoughts on the Expansion

  • After the sight of the obvious Asiatic-nomadic-Sci-Fi influence in costumes and decorations, with a bit of Russian for the accents, in my humble opinion, I got to talk to Konzu, and he told me “you pay me in red, I pay you in silver.” This couldn’t mean more than BOUNTIES!
  • This takes me to a very simple game-life: get the bounty, do the quest, get a reward, be happy. No need to be hardcore about it, so it’s relaxing.
  • Leveling the Ostron standing wasn’t too hard with the straightforward and fun-to-do quests.
  • As for the Spearfishing and Mining, I have to reach certain standing first and didn’t get to it quickly, either way, it’s a nice activity when you have nothing better do and still need to farm.
  • About warframes: well, they need to be built, so I didn’t get to try Gara, the new warframe (or any of them). Since it’s very easy to ensemble one just by grinding a bit and gathering the materials, I’m going to think first which one I like the most (so many options!). I’m going to make my decision based on skills, attacks and of course, looks. *Coughs* I’m going to pick Gara and her Spectrorage. *coughs*
  • To be honest, the Excalibur, even when it’s extremely fun to play, it doesn’t meet my girly expectations of a playable character, but what the heck: I’m slashing enemies with my Skana and that’s what I liked the most!

Overall, Warframe doesn’t feel much like a free game. It’s marvelously done and fun to play. I enjoyed every moment of my game time. The thing I didn’t like was the need of a guide. I think that if you don’t have a friend to walk you through these complex mechanics, you’re going to be running around a lot, and I mean in-game and in-google.

The Veteran View

I asked my friend GuzProud to give me a tour around and asked him about his opinion towards this new patch! This is what came out:

The first thing he did was to click on the operator’s menu to see the changes Extreme Games did to the Focus 2.0 which is connected to the plot of the game. After, he realized that he had to go to Cetus before changing anything (as a requirement) and he went there to explore the town. Quests in Warframe are as straightforward as they can be, there is no way for you to lose your way and get to do weird side-quests that lead you apart from the main lead like in Skyrim. So, after doing the mandatory quest, he got to work on his Focus 2.0.

He found out that Focus 2.0 is highly related to the Eidolons, the new bosses. Eidolons are terrible monsters that appear only at night, proving to the reckless players that they can be killed just with one move in this game. Well, that’s if you don’t listen to ALL the people telling you to not go out at night.

Basically, Focus 2.0 is made to help you against Eidolons, and it order to use it GuzProud to complete the quest The War Within. Focus 2.0 consists in abilities specifically made to strengthen your operator and use it against the monsters of the night!

GuzProud’s Thoughts

  • “Exploring Cetus,” he had to say, “It’s pretty different to what we were accustomed to. The variety on the NPCs was refreshing compared to the people found on the relays, a sight that turned out to be tedious sometimes.”
  • “When I came to try The Fusilai, it totally makes you feel like Genji from Overwatch,” he said, even though you can feel like that in Excalibur’s early game. “Throwing knives with a real quick reload.”
  • And what about the Grineer weapons? “Really? Who wants to have that? Filthy Grineer The Argonak can be salvaged, though, the expectation of a higher critical chance makes me forget a bit about morals here,”GuzProud answered.
  • He mentioned the mods saying that: “I’m excited about the Spring-Loaded Blade, because melee weapons can benefit a lot from the extra range on status hit, like the Atterax and Lesion.”
  • When it comes to daily activities, he said the following: “It’s nice to see that now we have day and night with all the impacts it brings. I mean, small Tennos go out and play in the day but the night is for adults like in real life. A new player won’t survive alone, for the night is dark and full of Eidolons.” Yes, he actually made that joke.
  • The new reputations – Ostrons and Quills – inspire to keep playing with the new content they add.
  • “Spearfishing and Mining are important to build up standing and craft new items” he states, but seriously guys, stop the hype about it.

Wrapping Things Up

The Plains of Eidolons patch was made with love and it shows. It was so good it even attracted new players and made them stay. Warframe proved to be a valuable game that it’s actually free. It gives you hours of game play in a well-made environment with really nice graphics, skills, and animations.

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