How to Get Free Platinum in Warframe

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When new players first start playing Warframe, many of them feel discouraged by how many things cost platinum, the game’s premium currency. New Warframe and weapon slots, skins, color palettes, and ship decorations are only a few of the things that you need platinum to purchase, with no way of buying them with normal credits. However, whereas this system may look like any other predatory microtransaction scheme, Warframe actually stands out from other games with similar economies due to one crucial feature: it’s actually fairly easy to obtain all the platinum you need without spending a dime. How is this possible? Read on to find out How to Get Free Platinum in Warframe.

How can I get free platinum in Warframe?

First, let’s start out by acknowledging that yes, platinum is a premium currency that you can purchase with real-world cash. You can buy it in packs ranging from $5 for 75 platinum to $200 for 4300 platinum, and often less considering it’s not uncommon to receive a discount on platinum anywhere from 20% to 75% off as a login reward. But what about those of us wondering how to get free platinum? For us, there are two main ways of acquiring the premium currency without the premium price tag: trading items with other players and winning Devstream giveaways. The biggest platinum-maker of the two is trading, but not to worry: our guide will break down how you can profit from both of these methods.

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How can I trade items for platinum?

The first thing you need to trade for anything, including platinum, is a high enough Mastery Rank. At Mastery Rank 2, you’ll unlock the ability to trade items and currency with other players. Keep in mind that the number of trades you’re allowed to make per day is the same as your Mastery Rank, so you’ll want to keep pushing your Rank higher for more efficient trading.

After you’ve reached the minimum required Mastery Rank, you should seriously consider joining a clan. This is because almost all in-game trades are conducted at Trading Posts in a clan’s dojo. If you aren’t part of a clan but your trading partner is, you can always ask to trade in their clan’s dojo instead.

Once you’re both in a clan’s dojo, one of you simply approaches the trading post and then selects their trading partner’s name. Each player then chooses the items or currency they want to trade, agrees to the terms, and hey presto, you’ve traded. You can trade tons of different items in this way, including Prime weapon parts, Prime Warframe component blueprints, mods, Void relics, and Syndicate weapons, just to name a few. Players most commonly trade these items for platinum, making trading one of the most popular ways to acquire platinum without spending real money. Once you have items you want to trade, you can either advertise them in the in-game trading chat or use a third-party trading website—like Player Auctions!—to find buyers

What’s the most reliable way of quickly trading for platinum?

So, you now know the basics of trading, but what’s the best way to trade to maximize your platinum flow? The answer is simple: Prime parts. Prime parts are the component pieces or blueprints required to build highly sought after Prime weapons and Warframes. They’re also quite easy to obtain by collecting and opening Void relics. When you open Void relics, you have a chance of receiving a common (bronze), uncommon (silver), or rare (gold) Prime part, all of which can then be sold for various amounts of platinum. Generally speaking, common and uncommon Prime parts can be sold for between 4 and 15 platinum, while rare Prime parts can be sold for anything from 15 to 100 platinum. Any Prime parts worth less than 4 platinum are best sold to other players in a bundle of “Prime junk”—for example, 5 cheap Prime parts for 15 platinum—or traded with Baro Ki’teer for Ducats. You might also pick up some rare mods from enemy drops during your relic-collecting/opening missions, which can also be sold for a hefty platinum prize.

Given you can easily open four Void relics in a 20-minute Defense of Survival Void Fissure mission, you could be getting 12 Prime parts an hour. Convert those Prime parts to platinum on the trading floor and you’ve got yourself one steady stream of premium currency.

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How do I participate in official platinum giveaways?

Maybe you’re not interested in the grind. Maybe you’d like to know how to get free platinum without any of the hard work cracking open Void relics or collecting rare mods. Well, if you’re more about the luck of the draw, you may want to consider participating in official platinum giveaways held via Warframe Devstreams on Twitch.tv.

Devstreams are events held every few weeks in which Warframe devs stream gameplay while discussing future features, fixes, and offers coming down the pipeline for Warframe players. But there’s more reason to tune in than just staying informed; in fact, many players watch these Devstreams specifically for their giveaways. To put it simply, if you watch a Devstream while logged into your Twitch account, you have a chance of being randomly selected to receive some form of prize, whether that be a rare weapon or Warframe, a new cosmetic item, or loads of platinum. Be aware that this is a lottery system. Watching a Devstream won’t guarantee a reward and in fact, being selected is pretty unlikely. But hey, if you want to keep yourself updated on the latest Warframe developments and news, you might as well take a chance on being rewarded for it!

Playing for Platinum

There’s no question about it: a lot of things in Warframe cost platinum. But you can rest easy knowing the best methods of How to Get Free Platinum in Warframe without even a glance at your wallet. We hope this guide helps keep your pockets filled—both in-game and out of it.

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