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How to Trade in Warframe? – A Lucrative Playstyle

Trading in Warframe
By | October 4th, 2017 | Categories: Warframe

Trading in Warframe isn’t just a simple means of swapping items to finish your weapon sets.

Understanding the ins and outs of trading alone could earn you all the Platinum you’d ever need. The best takeaway from trading, besides all the Plat you’ll make, is how little time the process takes. Making 100 to 300 Plat just by clicking “ACCEPT TRADE” will legitimately persuade you to never consider grinding for prime parts again.

Why Does it Work?

All item prices are speculative. This means there is no real set price for anything. Prices can vary from 25 Plat to 500 Plat for the exact same item or Warframe set. Normal players don’t spend their time watching the in-game trade chat so most don’t know the lower and higher prices items are usually sold for. They often make offers to the first person they see selling what they need. Fewer people selling a certain item at a time will also make it easier to sell for a higher price.

How to Trade in Warframe

Before you do anything else join a clan and have a Dojo key made. You will be required to invite players to your Dojo and trade with them there. Something else to consider is that your Mastery Rank determines the number of trades you can make each day. By far the simplest way to get started is to buy and resell prime sets in the trade chat channel. You can do so by typing WTB (Want to Buy) or WTS (Want to Sell) followed by the item(s) you are to buy or sell. Two other notable methods are trading items at in-game Relays and using 3rd party Warframe trading websites to list items for trade publicly. Keep in mind, there is a credit fee for trading and it is based on how valuable the items are.

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The Closure

The Warframe market proves itself to be a goldmine for all Platinum hungry players alike. The choice of spending days farming for parts to sell or reselling equipment remains yours. Success depends solely on you and your persistence. Anyone can profit off of clever deal making.

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