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Despite being one of the most useful Warframes, Limbo and Limbo Prime have a pretty strange reputation. Limbo’s set of abilities stands out from the rest of the abilities in game for its capacity to change basic in-game mechanics rather than focusing on dealing a lot of damage or providing team buffs. When used correctly, Limbo can actually provide your team with buffs that scale infinitely with enemy levels. On the downside, Limbo’s abilities can also be abused to make gameplay boring for the rest of your team.

Today, we’ll be taking you through everything you need to know about Limbo’s abilities, how to use them, and what the best builds for Limbo are.

How to acquire Limbo and Limbo Prime parts

Vanilla Limbo’s blueprint can be acquired from the Market, or from Cephalon Simaris for Reputation. To acquire his parts, there is a special Archwing-based quest called “Limbo’s Theorem” that you can obtain after completing Europa (junction) on the planet Jupiter.

Honestly, it’s much easier to acquire Limbo Prime by trading him for Prime parts. Limbo was my first Prime Warframe because he’s so easy to get, and is still much better – in terms of stats and aesthetics – than the vanilla Limbo.

Limbo’s passive ability and the Rift plane

Here’s what makes Limbo so unique: he has access to a whole another dimension that is parallel to ours. All of Limbo’s active abilities are also based on this plane. While in game, pressing Shift (the default button for Roll), Limbo can shift in or out of this plane. You can do this as many times as you want and can stay in the Rift plane as long as you want. The Rift plane is imposed upon Warframe’s “reality”. Meaning you still feel like you’re in the same place, but everything looks lighter and you can’t interact with anything. Nullifier bubbles are your only enemy when in the plane, and not even bullets can affect you. Similarly, you also can’t damage enemies outside the plane unless they are ragdolled, but that situation is too specific to matter. On shifting into the Rift plane, Limbo also leaves behind a small, temporary portal that allies can use to enter the plane as well.

This ability to manipulate your allies and enemies into the Rift, and to be able to enter and exit it yourself, can be used in many ways. You can use it to grant your team or a defence objective the ultimate protection, and you can use it to cover gigantic areas within the Rift, keeping your teammates from playing the game properly.

Limbo’s Abilities and how Mods affect them

Limbo’s four main abilities are:

Ability one – Banish: This ability allows you to cast enemies or allies into the Rift plane. If you are in the Rift while casting it, the ability will send them out of the plane instead. Holding down the ability button will free everyone affected of its effect and keep them in the real world. Time spent in the plane is affected by Ability Duration, and range is affected by Ability Range mods. This ability is rarely useful and is often used to troll teammates. A good use of Banish is to help teammates in danger or to cast dangerous enemies into the Rift plane.

Ability two – Stasis: This ability freezes all enemies within the Rift plane for a duration of time, affected by Ability duration. Statis pairs very well with all of Limbo’s other abilities. When paired with Cataclysm, it is the ultimate counter to defence missions.

Ability three – Rift Surge: This ability affects nearby enemies with Rift energy. When the enemy leaves the Rift plane, the energy is discharge and a radial banish occurs. When the enemies are killed, the surge transfers to the nearest enemy. This ability is affected by Ability Duration and Ability Range.

Ability four – Cataclysm: This ability casts a visible sphere, within which everything is sent to the Rift plane. The sphere, most often appearing as a dome, shrinks with time. You can make it last longer by using Ability Duration and Ability Range mods. Range affects the initial and final radius of the sphere, and you can also manually disable the ability by pressing the key again. This is the ability that makes Limbo so good in defence missions, and challenging Sorties like the Ambulas Sortie or Interception missions. You can cast a large dome and freeze everything within using Stasis.

For Defence/Excavation missions, having a very short initial radius allows you to keep the objective enclosed in the Rift plane for a long time. Allies within also get Energy restoration over time. Unlike Frost, your entire team can be fully protected as long as the dome lasts. For situations like the Ambulas Sortie or Interception missions, a giant dome works better. In the Ambulas sortie, when the aircraft shoots the crazy laser at you, it does not affect you at all as long as you are within the sphere. A large radius is also useful for Hijack missions, where you can keep allies standing on the objective safe from incoming fire.

Limbo Prime best builds

Limbo has two main builds. You can build him for a large radius for Interception/Hijack missions, or for a smaller radius for Defence/Mobile Defence/Excavation missions. Some core properties, such as a high Ability Duration, remain unchanged.

Here’s the core build for Limbo Prime:

  • Primed Continuity: + Ability Duration
  • Streamline: +Energy efficiency
  • Primed Flow: +Energy capacity
  • Natural Talent: -Casting speed

For a high-range build, add:

  • Stretch: +Ability Range
  • Overextended: +Ability Range, -Ability Strength
  • Augur Reach: +Ability Range
  • Cunning Drift: +Ability Range

For a low-range build, add:

  • Narrow-minded: -Ability Range, +Ability Duration


With the right build, Limbo is incredibly powerful and can cheese missions unlike any other Warframe. In Defence missions, be sure to cast the sphere after the timer has started, otherwise your Plane will keep your allies from putting the key to start the mission. And that’s all there is to Limbo: use the Rift plane wisely, in ways that will not interfere with your teammates’ gameplay.

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