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When Warframe was first announced for the Nintendo Switch, there was a healthy amount of skepticism surrounding the port. After all, Warframe is a pretty graphics intensive game, one that even causes some PCs to struggle; how could such a hefty experience ever thrive on a handheld console? Well, somehow DE and Panic Button have beaten the odds, delivering a free-to-play experience that actually runs quite well, even on a smaller, less powerful console. If you’re thinking about downloading Warframe on Nintendo Switch, here’s some more information you might want to know.

How well does Warframe run on the Nintendo Switch?

In general, Warframe runs much better than most expected on the Nintendo Switch. At 720p and 30 frames per second, the performance isn’t about to outclass any gaming PCs or traditional consoles, but it still runs quite smoothly. First-time Warframe players on Nintendo Switch (already lovingly dubbed Nintennos by the community at large) will no doubt be blown away by Warframe’s beautiful graphics and smooth performance, with only PC and console veterans likely to notice the slight decline in quality.

That said, be aware that when playing in undocked mode, you may occasionally experience FPS drops. Though these likely won’t be too troublesome in traditional missions, they can become disruptive when exploring the open world of the Plains of Eidolon. For this reason, you’ll probably want to save the Plains for when your Switch is docked and connected to power. Otherwise, it’s best to stick to Warframe’s wide array of linear missions when you’re on the go.

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How do the Nintendo Switch’s motion controls work in Warframe?

Something unique to Warframe on Nintendo Switch is that it makes use of the console’s built-in motion controls to allow the player more precision when aiming. When aiming down the sights of a weapon (or mining laser or fishing spear), the player can make minute adjustments by tilting the console or detached controllers, providing them with a level of precision often lacking from console experiences. Motion controls are off by default but they can easily be turned on via the game’s settings menu. Players can also adjust the sensitivity of these motion controls for finer precision or turn them off entirely if they find motion controls distracting. However you configure your own motion control settings, there’s no doubt motion controls are an innovative new addition to Warframe gameplay.

How much does Warframe cost on the Nintendo Switch?

Like Warframe on PC and traditional consoles, Warframe on Nintendo Switch is free to download and play. That said, all you Nintennos out there can still buy Platinum with real money if you’d like or trade the premium currency with other Switch players. It remains to be seen if the Platinum trading community on Switch will become as robust as it is on the PC version, but that’s largely up to the players and ultimate popularity of the game on Switch.

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Do I need a Switch Online account to play Warframe on the Nintendo Switch?

If you’ve ever played Warframe before, you know it’s a game that’s always online. Thus, when it was announced Warframe was coming to the Switch, there was a lot of worry that players would have to pay for a Switch Online account subscription to play. But fear not, Warframe on Nintendo Switch doesn’t require a Switch Online account and will allow you full access to multiplayer without it. Clearly, when DE says “free-to-play,” they mean it.

Can I transfer my current Warframe account onto the Nintendo Switch?

You can technically transfer your current Warframe account to the Nintendo Switch but there are a lot of stipulations. For one, this account migration only works between PC accounts and the Switch. That means console players are flat out of luck if they want to transfer their progress onto the Switch. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, this transfer is a one-way street; once you transfer your account to the Switch, the progress you make on the Switch cannot be transferred back to your PC version, and your new Switch account will not be affected by further progress you make on PC. In essence, when you transfer your account from PC to Switch, you’re really copying and pasting your PC account, creating a separate instance of it on the Switch that runs independently. You can play on both your PC and your Switch at this point, but the progress you make on either won’t carry over to the other. This will likely come as a disappointment to those Tenno who were hoping the Switch would allow them to make progress on their main PC account while on the move, but the option to transfer (or more accurately, copy and paste) accounts will at least grant experienced PC players a headstart in their Nintendo Switch Warframe experience.

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What updates are currently available on the Nintendo Switch version of Warframe?

Currently, the Nintendo Switch version of Warframe is not quite up to date with the other versions. It’s been updated up to the Mask of the Revenant, with more recent content, such as Fortuna and the Warframe Garuda, still waiting in the wings. DE plans to introduce new content to the Nintendo Switch version as time passes, with the eventual goal of keeping it up to date with Warframe on other traditional consoles. In other words, the Nintendo Switch version will have all the bells and whistles the other versions have—you just might have to wait a little longer for them.

Switching Things Up

Warframe on Nintendo Switch is an unexpected but definitely welcome surprise that showcases both the game’s adaptability and the potential of the Switch. The game’s performance on Switch, though not quite up to the level of some PCs, is nonetheless impressive and many will find the slight trade-off in graphics more than worth it for the convenience of taking Warframe on the go. Add in the fact that DE kept the game free while also evading a requirement for Switch Online, and you have a game that players both new and old have nothing to lose in trying out. If you have a Switch, there’s really no reason not to spend some time enjoying Warframe’s latest and most portable incarnation.

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