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Best Way to Make Money in RuneScape
By | February 6th, 2018 | Categories: RuneScape

Ah, the age-old question of any MMORPG. “What is the best way to make money?” Unfortunately, there isn’t really an easy answer. Depending on your player’s skill level, whether or not you are a member, and whether you’re playing OSRS or RS3, the “best” way to make money will always change. Fortunately for you, there are some tried-and-true methods that have consistently been good ways to make money for players of any skill level. In this article, we will explore the Best Way to Make Money in RuneScape for both OSRS and RS3.

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OSRS: Skilling

In Old School Runescape there are many unconventional means to make money, such as flipping items on the Grand Exchange or grinding dragon bones, but most of these require large amounts of money to get started. Skilling — using your high-level skills to gather materials or process materials into items – has always been a very viable option for players to make significant GP an hour without any other necessary inputs. For F2P players, Mining, Woodcutting, and Cooking will provide the highest GP per hour. For mining, you will need to be at least level 85 to mine Runite ore, but this will easily make you up to 400,000 gp an hour. The wilderness rune mine has always been a popular location, and on many worlds, you’ll find that players are generally pretty kind about not attacking you while mining. However, to be safe, you should still only carry items you’re comfortable losing, or have runes to teleport in an emergency.

Woodcutting is perhaps the most popular gathering skill, as it is both moderately afk and easy to get started. You won’t see significant profits until you reach at least Yew or Magic logs, and on may F2P worlds you’ll have to compete with hordes of bots. We recommend world hopping for the best results at any location, but even so, we recommend mining or cooking instead. For cooking, you’ll want to make raw wild pies and sell them on the Grand Exchange. This requires level 85 just as Mining did, but cooking is a considerably faster skill to level up, so many players prefer it.

Members have two additional skills with which to make money: Hunting and Runecrafting. Some players will also recommend Thieving, but most of the items that are most profitable from thieving are often very saturated in the market and in recent months the prices have been ever-decreasing. Pickpocketing Master Farmers is well worth the time if you’ve achieved at least level 70 thieving, but until this point, few of the thieving methods are worth the time investment.

Runecrafting, on the other hand, is becoming more valuable all the time as more players require high-level runes for Magic spells. Craft law runes, nature runes, and death runes at the Abyss for the best profit available from any skill before level 95. You’ll see the best results above level 80, but even by level 60, you’ll be seeing significant GP per hour gains of at least 500,000. Wrath runes require level 95, and you may wish to wait until level 99 to switch to this method, but you can make almost 1.5 mill GP each hour.

Hunting is a great skill to make money because even at low levels you’ll be making up to 100,000 to 200,000 gp per hour. By level 63 you’ll be able to hunt carnivorous chinchompas, one of the most expensive ranging consumables in the game. Hunting implings in Puro-Puro is definitely the best money making. Try to catch Dragon implings, but these are quite rare so you can supplement your income and time by catching magpie and ninja implings as well.

Runescape 3

Runescape 3 adds an entirely new element to moneymaking, and because of this, anyone you ask is likely to have a different way to make money that they claim is “best.” However, there are some generally agreed upon methods and you’re likely to find at least one here that suits your play style.

Tanning dragonhides is widely practiced by players who have some money to get started doing it. Red, blue, and green dragonhide are all available to F2P players and are relatively inexpensive. You’re able to tan about 60,000 hides each hour with portable crafters, but this is assuming you have the raw materials to craft them continuously. If you don’t have enough GP to sustain this for an hour straight, reinvest all your profits back into more raw materials and you will quickly be able to craft for at least an hour continuously. We recommend you have a minimum of 50 million GP to invest to get started with this method. Members can see higher profits with black and royal dragonhide, and you can get by with investing 30 mill to begin as a member.

Runecrafting is still a very viable method in Runescape 3 to make money, and some players would say it’s considerably easier to level up in RS3 versus OSRS. This might explain why it’s relatively more popular in RS3 among members players. At any level, you’ll make a decent profit, but the real gains start coming with a high Magic level and one supplemental skill (either fire making level 50 for lava runes or summoning level 93 for mud runes.) You’ll easily make 4 mill an hour with these levels, but even without them, you can do well in the Abyss making blood runes.

The most accessible moneymaking method is definitely casting Bones to Bananas. Both F2P and Members players will see returns of almost 1 million GP per hour with this method, and it only requires a level 15 Magic skill to get started. Invest in a Mud staff, this is technically optional but it will be well worth the gold within just a few inventories of bones. You can collect your own bones as you move throughout the game and level up your skills, or you can purchase them on the Grand Exchange. It’s highly recommended you use a preset and hot-keys if you’re going to use this method, which can almost double the gold you make an hour.

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