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Dirty, Bloody Free-for-All: OSRS Last Man Standing

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By | August 4th, 2016 | Categories: RuneScape

Runescape, despite its cutesy, lighthearted graphics, has a history of violence that is well-known and well-documented. And the festivities continue with the OSRS Last Man Standing, which is a serious bloodbath.

Gielinor’s Hunger Games OSRS Last Man Standing:

To play this mini-game of death, players must talk to Lisa, who is east of the Clan Wars area. And by the name of the mini-game alone, it should already be obvious that survival is its true name. Twenty-five players, trapped on one island, with nothing on hand. They must make do with whatever they can find and fight tooth and nail with each other so that they can emerge victorious.

Players will only have 10 prayer points upon arrival. In addition, players will only have a spear on-hand as a weapon. But all hope is not lost, as player points can get up to 99 should they find and consume the prayer potions that are lying around in the island. The place is also littered with stronger weapons and better pieces of armor, so it’d be best for players to look for them so that they can have better chances of survival. And if the items they’re getting are not to their liking, they can trade them for survival tokens, which in turn can be used to purchase even better gear. And last but definitely not least, combat stats and agility will be boosted to 99, save for defense, which will only be bumped up to 70. If that stat boost still isn’t considered fair, then nothing is.

And The Victor Is…

In the OSRS Last Man Standing, it’s up to you how you’ll survive. Whether you’re going to hide it out until they’ve all killed each other, run around the map and gather good equipment until you’re ready to kill, or just go ahead and dive straight in to the slayings. Engaging in the last option can give you an early advantage, as killing a player earns you a red key, which allows you to re-loot chests that have already been looted by other players. That way, you can get what they have and not lose out on the chance to get better gear just because you’re busy taking down fellow survivors.

Being on a strange island with two dozen people out to kill you is mindless and exhilarating fun, but enjoyment isn’t its only reward. The mini-game has two modes: Casual, which is a session that is solely for “teh lulz”, and Competitive, wherein players must deposit at least 100,000 coins before they can play. The winner in the latter can receive up to a whopping 1.5 million coins, while the runner-up receives 500,000 coins, and the second, third, and fourth runner-up get a free game as a reward.

With the OSRS Last Man Standing, players can now engage in their Battle Royale or Hunger Games fantasies in the world of Gielinor. And who knew it’d be so fun and rewarding! So, what are you waiting for? There’s no better time to volunteer than now…  If you want any OSRS gold for your troubles, visit our page.

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