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OSBuddy Exchange
By | February 6th, 2020 | Categories: RuneScape

Topics covered in this OSBuddy Exchange article:

  • What the OSBuddy Exchange is
  • The tools you can use
  • The benefits of using OSBuddy

There are a lot of different avenues for players to take when it comes to approaching the long-lasting MMO OSRS. A lot of focus from players goes into questing, dungeon crawling and grinding skills to get to the desired level. What else makes RuneScape unique is the sheer amount of items and tools that are available to you. This, in turn, made trading a huge dynamic of the game, and consequently led to a number of different outlets across the internet to allow players to make the most of the trading, as well as purchasing and selling items from their inventory.

One of these outlets is known as OSBuddy Exchange. This article will discuss the feature in more detail, and how it can ultimately benefit you as a player in OSRS.

Throughout this article, you will learn:

  • What the OSBuddy Exchange is.
  • What tools can be used.
  • How it can benefit you as a player.

What is the OSBuddy Exchange?

Starting with what exactly the OSBuddy Exchange is, the website serves as a tool in which players can check on a number of features. These include checking high scores, checking notes and it even has a price checker for you to use. There is also OSBuddy Pro, which offers a number of additional features available to you.

What Tools Can Be Used?

So, what tools are available on OSBuddy? For those opting for the free version, there is still a wealth of features to be enjoyed. For example, there is the Quick Hop feature, which allows you to hop between game worlds in seamless fashion. You can also keep track of Hi Scores, which lets you check up on how your friends are doing based on your friends list.

Players are often keen on keeping an eye on their experience, and you can do so here by checking out your experience gains, and any other information surrounding it. Perhaps one of the most essential features is the Price Guide, which gives you the opportunity to keep up to date on the latest offers on the market.

There are many beneficial features to your gaming experience with OSRS in general here too. You can use the Treasure Trail Assistant which offers helpful tools to gain a higher level on your Treasure Trail experience. Farming can also be tracked, and timers can be put in place to also help you with your experience. The display features also play a big part, as you can use the Special Attack Orb to show how much special energy is left on a minimap orb. You can also use the All Opponent Info, and Player Opponent Stats to view your opposition’s health and their stats respectively.

The Pro version of OSBuddy does have a few additional beneficial features for you to take advantage of. For example, you can track the kills that you perform when in combat, and you can see how long it will take until you regenerate your health next. The Monster Marker meanwhile will highlight nearby NPCs, and the Barrows feature can display the brothers that you have taken down and who is left. If Mining is big on your priority list, then there is a number of tools that will be at your disposal. This includes resource logging, obstacle highlighting and much more if you do decide to go Pro.

How can the OSBuddy help you as a player?

Now that we have more of an idea of what the OSBuddy Exchange is capable of, you’ll be wanting to know how it can benefit you as a player. Ultimately, the OSBuddy serves as a third-party client with several built-in features that can help you advance significantly as a player. Having a price checker to hand will let you make the most of the OSRS marketplace which will work heavily in your favour. It also has the social aspect such as hi-scores and more, to give a more in-depth look at what your friends (or foes) are up to.

From the actual playing aspect, there are a lot of features for you to take into consideration when using OSBuddy. With the features that are listed above, you can see that you will be able to gain the upper hand in a number of ways. Knowing your enemy is a key tactic when it comes to OSRS, and OSBuddy is something that can help with that. Players will be able to see their target’s HP, as well as their own to see how long it will take to recover. Knowing the locations of nearby NPCs is also a pretty self-explanatory reason as to why you should consider using it.

Finally, one of the most popular features of the OSBuddy is the social side of the toolkit. If you are looking to keep up to date on all the latest info, then the available plugin offers the breaking news via social media channels such as Twitter. What’s more, you can also add your favourite OSRS Youtubers to the sidebar, to keep you up to date with all of their latest videos. Included in this side of things is the Twitch plugin, where you will find the latest and greatest OSRS streamers for you to check out and integrate with your experience.


If you are looking to make the most out of your RuneScape experience, then the OSBuddy Exchange may be the way to go. Trading items can play such a pivotal role in OSRS, and the exchange can prove to be important since it gives you an idea of how to make the most of the current market. Besides the trading side of it, there are also a lot of features that can give you significant advantages when it comes to combat. Combining these traits makes the toolkit an all-round efficient system for you to use in order to enhance your experience when playing Old School RuneScape. So whether you are looking to dabble on the trading market, or just want to implement more social aspects to your game, the toolkit is definitely worth checking out.

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