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A Letter to PlayerAuctions: Why Runescape is so Popular

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By | August 1st, 2016 | Categories: RuneScape

Dear PlayerAuctions,

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In the gaming industry today, often times we get ourselves caught up in “what comes next” or “I can’t wait until this game comes out.” However, there are a few titles within the realm of gaming that have withstood the test of time. Today, I will tell you about one such title that has been around since December of 2001, RuneScape.

I’m sure all of you know about World of Warcraft, EVE, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. These games are AAA titles and widely adopted into most gamer’s libraries. Have you, however, heard of the great game staged in Gielinor known as RuneScape? The game has been around since December of 2001. At that time, it was released by the makers of the game Jagex in beta form. Since then,the game has blossomed, hitting its peak many years ago, yet still continuing on.

RuneScape set itself apart from the rest of the PC gaming world with its unique questing, skills, content, and most importantly, its combat system. The original RuneScape used a point and click system for all aspects of the game. When attacking an NPC all you had to do was click on the NPC you wished to attack and watch yourself go. Granted, you had to keep up your health, use stat boosting and protective prayers, as well as use the optional special attacks, commonly referred to as “specs”, on the NPC. This was extremely unique from all other MMORPG games in that you weren’t rotating through a bar of abilities and were instead forced to wait for the RNG to hit high enough to score you the kill.

The truth is, the game has changed of late. On the 20th of November, 2012 Jagex decided to implement an update widely referred to as “EoC” or Evolution of Combat. Now why is this important? The game underwent a large amount of new changes bringing about: abilities, dual wielding, new magic and ranged equipment, new stat boosting prayers, a rebalance of the combat triangle of melee range and magic, as well as a change to the overall level of the player referred to as “Combat Level”. Although the rest of that update stayed, the combat level reverted back to a modified version of the original. The EoC update was both a huge step forward and a giant mistake by the company. It brought the game to the experienced MMORPG player base by making it familiar, which is important. However, to the entire portion of the community that had grown to love the game as it was for so many years it became their reason for leaving. After the update, a very large portion of the game’s players left.

All was not lost for RuneScape, however. A few months later the game released an archived copy of itself as a separate, yet connected, game referred to as 2007Scape or Old School RuneScape. The reason for the name, was that the archived copy was from the 10th of August, 2007. You are able to log in with the same account details as your normal RuneScape account, with one catch. You must start from scratch. At the time that the game was re-released the economy for RuneScape was unstable. In order for that to be avoided, as well as surmounting the inability to give players items that were only released in RuneScape, they were forced to restart all players. Your RuneScape profile is untouched, and may be used at any time along with your Old School profile. The game caught on like wildfire, reuniting the players that had left due to the changes of EoC with their beloved game. In addition to the combat system, players returned due to the sheer nostalgia factor.

As it stands today, both games are healthy. Jagex’s RuneScape and Old School RuneScape have an advantage over most of the other games by having long-time loyal fans, two versions of the game catering to more gamers than most, as well as player polled updates for the game. All updates, other than minor quality of life updates, are polled through the community to avoid the damage done by the EoC update. All-in-all RuneScape is a widely known title that can cater to the hearts of veterans and new players alike, and is my all-time-favorite game!

Check out Jagex’s RuneScape at: https://runescape.com

The Old School version may be found at: https://oldschool.runescape.com

Thanks for reading,


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