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Not a Lifeless Dessert in RuneScape Menaphos

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By | July 4th, 2017 | Categories: RuneScape

We hyped up Menaphos in a previous blog before the expansion came out. Now that it’s finally arrived on RuneScape, how’s the dessert treating you? Menaphos turned out to be the biggest and baddest expansion of the fifteen-year-old game for a number of good reasons.

Across the Sands and Into the City

While the name comes from a city that has been around in the game since 2000, the Menaphos expansion is geared toward giving players lots of new content in the ancient Egypt-inspired region. Crowded and prosperous, Menaphos is known for its rich culture and the lavish lifestyles of its people. The city’s sinister secret, however, remains a mystery to a vast majority of its citizens and the rest of the world (i.e., the pharaoh is under the control of Amascut, the devourer god). It’s up to the adventurers to uncover this veiled truth and to explore everything Menaphos has in store.

More than Just Menaphos

Menaphos is bigger than Prifddinas, the Lost City of Elves, including the content that came with it. The city is probably as large and open as Varrock. You can enter almost all buildings and interact with practically all NPCs. The city has lots of secrets, which is up to the players to explore.

If Menaphos isn’t resonating, then perhaps knowing that the title of the expansion is a wrong name will catch your attention. Why? Well, the game features not one, but two cities: (1) Menaphos and (2) Sophanem. You’ll be doing some exploring and truth-discovering in this game, which should satisfy your content cravings.

Content Galore

According to Jagex, it will take at least 40 hours to finish everything in Menaphos. Now if you’re the type of person who wants to take things slow so that you can savor the content, it’s going to take longer to crank out the game. Same goes when your level (let’s say mid-level) is just enough to take on Menaphos and all its elements. Make sure to get the necessary skills leveled up to make the most of your gaming experience.

Most of the content is single player-oriented, similar to what franchises like Dragon Age, Fable, and Elder Scrolls have going for them. The difference is that you share the region with other players. Engage in some creative and unique dungeons, follow the story of the golden city and its sister Sophanem, and accomplish quest lines. Runescape’s Menaphos is a slice of a life!

However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing in store for those who prefer to get some character-related progression since Menaphos provide players with lots of skilling opportunities. A new type of tree for Woodcutting, an entire dungeon dedicated to Slaying, Fishing and Cooking at the Port, and a new animal for your Hunter skilling needs makes Menaphos a vibrant update for skillers.

Menaphos is colossal! ?The expansion will make an impact on RuneScape’s future as a whole. Dive into the game and go straight to the city. Drop us a comment, too.


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    StrahLenforcer July 8, 2017 at 10:05 am - Reply

    Those are some pretty nice vistas

  2. Avatar
    iWolf July 5, 2017 at 9:01 pm - Reply

    Menaphos and Sophanem? Yeah!

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