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Like any good RPG, RuneScape has a host of quests for players to complete. Also, in good RPG fashion, RuneScape quests have outstanding rewards, including the ability to wield powerful new items, spells, and areas. Lots of quests offer shortcuts around the world to make other quests much easier to complete. While there are far too many quests with good rewards to name in one article, we’re going to over a few of the OSRS Best Quest Rewards the game has to offer!

Dragon Slayer

This is essentially the final quest of Free to Play (F2P) RuneScape. This means it is essential for both members and free players. What makes it so important, though? That’s simple: rune plate mail. Prior to the completion of dragon slayer, players are prohibited from equipping a rune platebody, even if they have the requisite defense level. Since rune is the best F2P armor in OSRS, players will be at a huge disadvantage if they can’t wear a rune platebody. Members will also want this reward when they first start out, too, until they have the levels (and quests completed) to wear full dragon.

Lost City

This is one of the first quests members will want to knock out once they hit 60 attack. That’s because the Lost City quest rewards players with the ability to equip dragon longswords and daggers. This is a powerful jump up in power from the rune weapons available in F2P and will help new members get an edge in members-only content.

Fairy Tale Parts 1 and 2

Fairy Tale Parts 1 and 2 grant members access to the fairy ring network across Gielinor. The fairy rings are an extremely convenient means of getting from one side of the world to the other instantly, and they include destinations that you can’t teleport to with the magic skill. Thus, they are essential for players who need to quickly traverse the world for other quests or clue scrolls. One important note is that only Fairy Tale Part 1 needs to be finished completely for access to the fairy rings – Part 2 only needs to be partially complete, as you gain access during the quest, not as a reward for its completion.

Desert Treasure

Desert Treasure is an essential quest for members who enjoy magical combat. Upon completion of Desert Treasure, players gain access to the Ancient Magick’s spellbook. The Ancient spellbook won’t allow you to use any of RuneScape’s default spells (this means you lose your usual city teleports, offensive spells, and utility/crafting spells) but it gives you access to extremely powerful spells with new mechanics, as well as a list of alternate city teleports. Some highlights of Ancient Magicks include the following: blood spells, which heal you a portion of damage dealt; ice spells; which freeze your enemies in place; and smoke spells, which poison targets and are the only spells capable of doing so. Also, you can switch between the default spellbook and the Ancient spellbook whenever you like, so don’t worry about getting stuck with one or the other.

Heroes’ Quest

The Heroes’ Quest provides players with the ability to wield dragon battle axes, a formidable members-only weapon that you can get a lot of mileage out of in OSRS. Players will also be able to charge amulets of glory inside the heroes’ guild which provides useful teleports to various places around the world.

Legends’ Quest

The Legends’ Quest is one of the top tier quests in OSRS. It requires a high amount of quest points in order to begin and has the player travel around the world completing herculean feats before they are finally admitted to the legend’s guild. However, this is all more than worth it. Upon completing the quest, players gain the right to equip dragon square shields and the cape of legends, 7,650 experience in four different skills, and the ability to charge skill necklaces in the legends’ guild for quick teleport access to various skilling hotspots around the world.

Mourning’s End Parts 1 and 2

Mourning’s End Parts 1 and 2 are the sixth and seventh quests in the elf quest series (the final quest is RS3’s Plague’s End). These quests are extremely long, and quite challenging due to the difficult puzzle that must be completed during Part 2. However, once both quests are complete, players have access to some very useful things. For starters, players have access to the death altar where they can craft the profitable death runes. In addition, they will have full access to the abyssal rift. Players will also be able to hunt Dark Beasts – a powerful and rewarding slayer monster.

One Small Favor

This quest is pretty rewarding in and of itself for the self-aware nature of it. The quest sends you all over the world on what was a seemingly simple errand, because every time you ask someone for help with the “one little thing” you need to do, they ask for something in return first. When you finally get through the quest with all of its aggravation and witty dialogue, you get a bunch of experience that is well worth it.


This is far from a comprehensive list, but it provides a good starting point for players to be aware of which quests they should aim for first. Keep in mind that many of these also have prerequisites, whether it’s certain skill levels or other quests that have to be completed first. You should look up a guide for the specific quest in order to uncover this information and do what you need to do to get the quests done!

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