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Nightmare of Ashihama
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The popular MMO title, OSRS, continues to add new content to keep both old and new players engaged, as OSRS introduces a fresh entity to come face to face with. Added earlier this month, The Nightmare of Ashihama, or often referred to as simply The Nightmare, brings players a new challenging enemy to take on, and this article will discuss everything you need to know about the newcomer.

We will discuss following:

  • Who is the Nightmare of Ashihama?
  • Where Can You Find Her?
  • How to Defeat the Nightmare

What is the Nightmare of Ashihama?

Before we get into what the Nightmare actually is, here are a few things that we will be discussing:

  • Where it can be found
  • What stats are required to face it
  • Which strategy works best
  • What rewards you will receive

So, what is the Nightmare? It is described as a “large, otherworldly horror” that lives to feed upon those who are deep in slumber. By feeding upon their life force, the Nightmare’s victims are subjected to terrifying nightmares which only end when their life force has been completely drained.

Legend has it that shamans performed an ancient ritual which saw the creation of the Nightmare, in the form of a hag-looking woman. The shamans responsible for creating the Nightmare are said to have attempted to destroy what they had summoned, by building four totems that would be channeled together to defeat her. However, they were destroyed by the Nightmare before they had a chance to use them against her.

The Sirens of Ashihama have been forever haunted by the Nightmare, leading them to finally take charge against her. Shura and a group of sirens would head to the Nightmare’s lair, where they would defeat the hag-like woman and force her out of Ashihama. This would see the Nightmare heading west to Slepe, a town that suffers from the sleeper plague epidemic. This would prove to be an opportune moment for the hag, as she would use her powers to steal town-dwellers’ dreams and grow even more powerful than ever before. In an attempt to protect her home, Shura starts looking for players to help keep the Nightmare at bay.

Where can the Nightmare of Ashihama be found?

Normally, that title would explain itself, but as we mentioned previously, the Nightmare was in fact driven out of Ashihama and into Morytania, specifically in a town known as Slepe. As far as accessing the Nightmare, as long as you can gain access to Mortyania, then you will be able to face off against this indomitable foe.

There a couple of ways to get to Slepe quickly. Firstly, you can teleport to Ver Sinhaza through Drakan‘s medallion. Head north from there until you reach a dock, then head right to get to Slepe. Alternatively, you could use the Ectophial to teleport yourself to the Ectofuntus. From there, once again you need to head north until you reach a dock. However, here you can pay Andras 10,000 coins to take you to Slepe. Once you arrive, you will be at a dock just south-west of Slepe, so just head up to reach the town.

How many people can team against it?

The introduction of the Nightmare of Ashihama poses the first-ever group boss fight in OSRS. This means that up to 80 players are able to team up and take down the hag-like horror.

Before doing so, it is worth noting that the Nightmare isn’t run-of-the-mill boss fight. Unlike other OSRS bosses, the Nightmare’s combat and health stats will scale to the number of players that are in the battle. You can fight her with fewer than five players if you choose to. Other key points to consider are that players are unable to join in the fight mid-way through, so you will have to wait until all players have been killed, or the Nightmare herself has been overcome. If you want to check the progress of a battle with the Nightmare, then you will notice that she is in the center if she is in battle.

Fighting the Nightmare

As previously mentioned, the only real requirement for fighting the Nightmare is that you need to have access to Morytania. However, this doesn’t mean that the boss should be underestimated by any means. She is perfectly capable of annihilating you with a single hit, so it is strongly recommended that you have your combat stats above 85, with particularly close attention to Prayer to give yourself added protection.

The Nightmare of Ashihama is equipped with a number of attacks that you will naturally want to avoid. Luckily, there are a few visual cues that you can look out for to fully prepare yourself. For example, the Nightmare will spin around shooting pink flower petals as a Magic attack. If you notice her twitching, she is preparing a Ranged attack using the spikes that will have appeared on her body. As for her Melee attacks, she will flail her arms behind her head before attacking players within her vicinity.

What strategies work best?

Ultimately, the boss has three phases, which will incorporate a range of basic and special attacks. For starters, Nightmare will be using her Ranged, Melee and Magic attacks, so focus on attacking her while hitting the four totems to power them up.

In the second phase, she will summon Sleepwalkers which will help her deal massive damage to anyone in the arena. Here, you will want to take as many Sleepwalkers out as you can early on. Keep charging the totems as before and focus your efforts on her shield. Be wary of her Curse, Grasping Claws, and Parasites special attacks.

The final phase is similar to the previous round. Adopt the same strategy and you will eventually overcome her, just be wary of her Teleport Charge and Spores here.

What rewards are available?

There are a number of rare rewards that you will receive for toppling the Nightmare of Ashihama. The rare rewards available are as follows:

  • Clue Scroll
  • Eldritch Orb
  • Harmonised Orb
  • Inquisitor’s Great Helm
  • Inquisitor’s Hauberk
  • Inquisitor’s Mace
  • Inquisitor’s Plateskirt
  • Jar of Dreams
  • Little Nightmare
  • Nightmare Staff
  • Volatile Orb

As for drops, the Nightmare drops Big Bones, plus Runes, Gold, Consumables, and more for you to get your hands on.


Taking on The Nightmare of Ashihama can seem like a daunting prospect at first glance. What it does present, however, is the first boss in which you will be able to team up with up to 80 players in the first big team battle available in OSRS. If you stick to these strategies, then you will be reaping plentiful rewards and will be able to save an entire town from a nightmarish fate.

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