Taking Gamplay to Another Zone: OSRS Runelite and Other Cool Apps

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One of the starkest differences between the classic 2007 Runescape and the current version of 2007scape is the use of clients for gameplay versus the in-browser version of the game. Runescape vets will recall, with either nostalgia or vitriol, when the game could only be played in-browser via a java client. Before the relaunch of the old school, java-based browser games have lost a lot of support due to various security issues, and Jagex wisely moved the Old School client to a downloadable client. This decision also opened up the API to new, privately-built clients for playing the game, checking prices, and a host of other new experiences to enhance your Old School efficiency. In this article, we’ll take a look at OSRS Runelite, the player-favorite gameplay client, and a host of other useful Old School Runescape applications to help bring your gameplay to the next level.

What’s the Deal Behind the OSRS Runelite Fiasco?

For players involved in the community in the Spring of 2018, Runelitebecame a bit of a rallying cry for the community opposed to Jagex’s attitudes since its takeover by a parent company. We’re not here to give a full history of Jagex, their parent company, or the recent drama surrounding shifts in the community attitudes – perhaps another day —  but it is important to understand because RSBuddy and OSBuddy are considered the only officially-sanctioned Runescape game clients. If you aren’t playing on OSBuddy when you’re playing Old School Runescape, Jagex says you’re breaking game rules. Now, their official position, at this time, is that they won’t ban players from using other game clients. But why would Jagex allow one client and not another? After all, RSBuddy is technically a third-party game client and gives many of the same strategic advantages as Runelite compared to the official game client Jagex provides.

Well, none of these questions were really of much concern to anyone until March of 2018 when mods threatened bans of players using anything butOSBuddy or the official game client. What their reasons for these threats were remaining undetermined, the community reacted strongly, and Jagex backed off these claims. Still, it’s good to understand that at any time, Jagex’s position might change, so remain in-the-know about what’s considered a-ok by following Jagex’s newsfeed. We don’t want anyone to be unnecessarily banned.

Runelite vs OSBuddy: What’s the better client?

Now, in light of the above fiasco, I feel a disclosure is necessary: I wasn’t exclusively a proponent of Runelite before the events above unfolded. I’ve used both OSBuddy and Runelite in the past, and both have their pros and cons. However, due to the way the mod team at Jagex handled communications with the dev of Runelite and relations with players who enjoyed it, myself and many other players champion Runelite above any other clients. Feature-wise, the clients are quite similar, but I’ll break that down in greater detail below. With that said, I was already using Runelite at the time the drama began because I already believed it the superior option. Here’s why:

  1. It’s 100% Free – With The Same Features as OSBuddy

Runelite is absolutely free to use and the developer has stated in the past he intends to keep it this way. OSBuddy has a free version which lacks most of the features of Runelite. To get the feature-rich version with similar features to Runelite, you’ll have to pay a recurring subscription of 2.50 Euros per month.

  1. It (was) an Open-Source Project

Runelite was an open-source project, until Jagex got involved and threatened legal action against it. Whatever their motives – there are a variety of theories, their official position was the client exposes game code and their intellectual property – this significantly upset many people who were excited to be able to collaborate and contribute to the Runelite project. If the client can retain its Open-Source features, it will again let a community of passionate gamers and developers create a game client that is customizable and superior to any closed-source paid version available.

What about OSBuddy and OpenGL?

There is one way that OSBuddy outperforms Runelite that’s worth consideration. OSBuddy now has OpenGL capability, which is a technical way of saying the graphics are better on OSBuddy. While it’s not exactly RS3-looking quality, and the general feel of the game is preserved, there is a big difference in the distance you can view from your character as well as the height-perception in certain areas and with certain objects. If game immersion is a serious consideration for you, go watch some videos on YouTube showing the OpenGL graphics before you make the decision between the two clients.

How about a Bonus (GE Tracker) Application?

Now, whether you use OSBuddy, Runelite, or the official Old School game client, everyone can get some value out of the GE Tracker service. For those of you who have already checked out the flipping guide, you’ll find some amazing value in the knowledge and power GE Tracker gives you to make profitable flips. GE Tracker has the most up-to-date Grand Exchange prices, with a host of other useful information like how many of an item is being bought or sold on the grand exchange at any given time, historical price trends, high-low indexes for prices, and more. It’s really hard to find a more valuable flipping tool.

If you’re looking to make a flip quickly without much effort, the Flip Finder helps you track down items that are likely to make you a profit in real time, based on the current high-low prices. Knowing how flipping works helps (seriously, go check out our guide if you haven’t already), but even with little to no knowledge, you could rely on GE Tracker’s Flip Finder tool and still turn a profit more times than you wouldn’t. For serious profiteers who don’t want to deal with the hassle or stress of flipping items, there are other guides for money making and helpful tools for tanning leather, high aching, and much more.

The GE Tracker is available as a free version in a browser, or you can sign up for a Premium membership to get access to all of the money-making features. If you’re really looking to make the best gp per hour you can, this tool is worth trying out for at least one month to see how it can help you. It’s the only paid application I use anymore.

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