OSRS Soul Wars Changes and Guide

OSRS Soul Wars Changes and Guide
By | October 18th, 2020 | Categories: RuneScape

Following some helpful feedback from players, the OSRS Soul Wars has undergone some changes as of late. This is something that the developers have been looking into this year, and there have been a number of alterations made to the content of Soul Wars.

With that in mind, this article will be looking at the following:

  • What changes were made to Soul Wars for OSRS?
  • How to access and play Soul Wars
  • Soul Wars Reward System explained

Let’s kick things off with looking at the changes that have been introduced.

What Changes Were Made to Soul Wars for OSRS?

For starters, you may have noticed that usually there would only be one game running at a time in the original version, whereas now multiple games can run at the same time. By doing this, you should find that its easier to find a game, and improves the quality of said game in general.

One major complaint about the OSRS Soul Wars was that it could be botted very easily. Therefore, additional entry requirements have been put in place to combat this. This has been further improved on by only being able to play Soul Wars on particular designated worlds, which should help combat botting as well. To aid matchmaking meanwhile, there will now be an upper cap of 60 players per team to cut down on any lag you might have previously experienced.

Gameplay Changes

In terms of gameplay, several changes have been introduced. For example, avatars that were in the original version would attack a single player. Whilst they will still only target one player, they will be able to deal damage to others. Balancing is also important, so now games will be shorter, going down from 20 minutes to 10 in order to avoid players wanting to leave early when a big lead is taken in the opening stages. If a team reaches 10 avatar kills, then the game will be ended, and it will also end the game early if the player count drops under 50% from what they started with.

For added convenience, you will now find that there are three different exit points, which is two more than the previous option. This is a measure to try and prevent camping as players respawn back into the game. Also, both teams can bury bones in the graveyard, but the team that isn’t in control will only receive a third of them, which also goes for players sacrificing soul fragments.

If you have played the minigame before, then you will be aware that Slayer played a big part of Soul Wars. This included there being a Slayer level requirement in order for you to damage avatars. This has now been replaced by a mechanic based on damage reduction, meaning all damage that is dealt is fully reduced at first, granting them immunity. NPCs aren’t Slayer creatures anymore either, eliminating the need for a Slayer requirement to kill them to get dropped soul fragments. You could also purchase Slayer XP, which has now been removed since it no longer serves a purpose.

How to Access and Play OSRS Soul Wars

To gain access to Soul Wars, firstly you will need to log in and go to a Soul Wars world. The minigame is found on an unnamed island that can be accessed through a portal in Edgeville. There’s also another portal in Ferox Enclave to access it, or you can use a minigame teleport.

Once you arrive, speak to Nomad to start the Soul Wars tutorial. When you are ready, you will be able to enter a team waiting room. There is a Soul Wars lobby that Nomad is found in, who will explain what the minigame is, as well as granting you access to the reward shop. There are blue and red waiting rooms for players, with games starting every two minutes, or when both teams have 60 players.

To join a Soul Wars game, you will need to have a total level of 500. Your combat level must also be at level 40, and you will need to have a membership for the game in order to gain access to the island. When you get into a game, you will have an avatar and respective base, with a supply area and graveyard.

You will always start in your team’s graveyard, which is considered to be a safe zone for your team. Useful, items such as bandages, can be collected from the from the supply area, as well as barricades to halt enemy progress. You will be doing battle with NPCs, players, and the other team’s avatar, after which you will be rewarded with Zeal and Zeal tokens to buy rewards with.

OSRS Soul Wars Rewards System Explained

As for the reward system, it works in a similar vein to other minigames, in that you are rewarded with a unique form of currency. As mentioned, you will receive Zeal for playing Soul Wars, which is given to you at the end of each game. Your goal is to keep your activity bar up, which will deplete to zero if you leave the game or do not participate, therefore you will receive no more Zeal.

The ways in which you earn Zeal has now changed, depending on how much effort you contributed. You can now get Zeal for killing opposing players, more of which is awarded for killing stronger players, with less to none being given out for killing weaker players. Healing your teammates will also reward Zeal, as will burying bones, dealing damage to the other team’s avatar, capturing graveyards, and sacrificing soul fragments at the Soul Obelisk.

After the game is finished, your final Zeal count will be amended based on the result. You will receive a 10% bonus or reduction based on whether you won or lost. Neither of these factors will be applied if the game ends in a draw. Each Zeal point you earn gives you a Zeal Token, which can be spent in the Reward Shop.

As for the rewards, these range from being able to buy experience for your skills, to even winning an avatar pet via the lucky dip. You are able to purchase a Soul Cape, which will look similar to the one that is worn when playing Soul Wars, though you will need to be at level 70 Prayer to equip it. There’s Ectoplasmator to spend your Zeal Tokens on as well, that grants Prayer experience when you kill ghostly creatures.


So needless to say, there has been a lot of changes made to the OSRS Soul Wars. You will find that it is not only much more accessible than before, but it should perform much better as well. It has been something that the game’s developers have clearly worked hard on, and continues to show that they are passionate on acting upon player feedback.

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