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Runefest 2017-2014 – Evolution of Runefest

Runefest 2017
By | November 6th, 2017 | Categories: RuneScape

Runefest 2017 has quickly become the event to look out for. It’s filled with insights into upcoming content, fun, games, and a lot of partying. Over the last four years, the events at Runefest have without a doubt shaped the future of Runescape.

In this article, we take a look at the past 4 years of Runefest events and take a delve into how Runescape has evolved year over year.

Runefest 2014 Review

Runefest 2014 didn’t feel like it was that long ago, but surprisingly Runescape has made some notable changes since then. Runefest 2014 was the first event to allow players to buy Runefest tickets and merchandise with bonds. This offered the most loyal players an opportunity to go to the event essentially for free.

During Runefest 2014, a number of new content updates and new Runescape features were announced.

It started with the announcement of RuneLabs, which was essentially the beginning of the player-ran surveys that decide what content Jagex develops in the future. The 200th quest was announced at Runefest 2014, as well as the player-owned ports expansions.

The ever-popular Ironman mode was also showcased at Runefest 2014. At the time, the Inventor skill (now known as invention) was almost scrapped. Chronicle: RuneScape Legends was also announced. This is a new trading card game based on the RuneScape universe.

Runefest 2015 Review

Runefest 2015 was quite a big year for new content promises, some of which still haven’t even been met today. The entire event was filled with activities and goodies for attendees to get their hands on throughout the evening.

A number of new quests were announced at Runefest 2015, including a quest leading up to Sliske’s end game. These quests were Kindred Spirits, Fate of the Gods II, and Gower Quest.

Perhaps the most exciting new feature to be showcased at Runefest 2015 was Heart of Gielinor, a brand new God Wars dungeon aimed at mid-to-high level players. A new high level solo boss was announced too, alongside Sliske’s Endgame.

The Mining and Smithing reworks were also announced at Runefest 2015, and two years later we still haven’t received the reworks.

Runefest 2016 Review

Runefest 2016 unfortunately did not allow players with bonds to buy tickets like in previous years, but it was still a pretty spectacular event. Attendees got access to a number of goodies, both physical and digital, just for turning up. There were also a number of announcements for upcoming content.

A new expansion to The Arc was announced at Runefest 2016, alongside Children of Mah, another quest that was created in anticipation of Sliske’s endgame.

Sliske’s Endgame was also showcased in more detail. The expansion finally released later that year on December 19, 2016.

More content was announced at Runefest 2016 as well. This included new skilling pets, 120 slayer level, Shattered Worlds, the Bank rework, and of course the massive Menaphos update.

Runefest 2017 Review

Runefest 2017 was the last Runefest event to take place and it was held on 23 September 2017. In our Runefest 2017 review below you’ll see why we think this is the best Runefest event yet.

This year, Jagex held a number of in-game events leading up to Runefest 2017 that offered players the opportunity to earn additional in-game items and skill lamps.

At the actual live event, a number of new plans from Jagex were announced. The biggest announcement was, without a doubt, Runescape mobile. Jagex confirmed that they were working on bringing both OSRS and Runescape 3 to mobile devices.

The Beta stage has already dropped and Jagex plans to release OSRS on mobile fully this year. Runescape 3’s mobile release should follow shortly after some time in 2018.

During Runefest 2017, Jagex also showed a sneak peek at some of the upcoming skilling changes and offered an insight into what they plan to do for OSRS in the following 12 months. A number of Runescape 3 reveals were also showcased.


That wraps up our look at the last four years of Runefest. Did you go to Runefest in the past four years? Did you watch the live streams? If so, which year was your favorite out of the past four years? Which announcement were you the most excited about?

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