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RuneScape Archaeology – What We Know So Far

RuneScape Archeology
By | January 22nd, 2020 | Categories: RuneScape

Many fans of RuneScape will have been delighted with the announcement that a brand-new skill is set to be introduced to the game. In what was considered to be one of the worst kept secrets amongst the community, a new skill was revealed to be arriving in early 2020. This new skill is RuneScape Archaeology and will open up an array of new experiences for players.

With that in mind, here are a few facts that we do know already that will be coming to the game when RuneScape Archaeology lands. Some burning questions that you probably have will revolve around what the skill entails, what rewards you can hope to gain, and where exactly you’ll be heading to train it.

What do we know about the Archaeology Skill so far?

There are a few key details that have been announced up to now, one of which being that it works as more than just a single skill. It works as a combination of a couple of different styles of skills. In one way it works as a gathering kind of skill, much like Fishing or Woodcutting, but other aspects of the skill that work in a manufacturing sense are more comparable to Fletching or Smithing.

With the former players will use a new tool, a Mattock, at digging locations. This is where players will be able to gain XP for the skill by digging around at excavation locations to unveil materials. This might sound exciting, but the real meat of the new skill will lie within the manufacturing vein of Archaeology.

Once you have taken up digging, you will notice a number of damaged artefacts. Once you have dug up these items from days gone by you will be required to restore them, which will fetch you a decent amount of XP upon completion. Once restored, you can head on over to a new dig site located in Varrock, where you can decide what to do with your item. Whether you decide to hand it over to a collector, or donate it to a museum, whatever you want to do with it will depend entirely on the item itself.

As we have just touched upon, there will also be a host of new areas for you to explore, which have been revealed include the depths of Al Kharid and the Wilderness, as well as the outskirts of Morytania and more.

Will we be able to Boost Experience?

One thing that we do know about the new skill is that it is not going to be an elite skill. Once the skill has been released, every player will be able to play with it, and it will be fairly well packed when stacked up against other skills.

What has been announced is that skill boosts and bonus XP has been locked by a six-month long embargo following the skills release. After this period has passed, we are bound to know more on the subject, as the development team are looking to be working throughout the year on the latest skill. However, it will feature a mechanic that offers a limited time XP boost when using one of the new hotspots, which will work in a similar vein to Rockertunities.

What will Archaeology involve, and where will it be trained?

The skill revolves predominantly around excavating. This action can be performed at one of the many new dig sites that are set to be introduced to the game. Such actions will take place in areas as they do with Mining, in which players will not have to worry about competing for resources.

These resources can be found at several different dig sites, including various new areas that players will be able to explore. The new areas revealed so far are as follows: Varrock Dig Site, Kharid-Et, Everlight, The Infernal Source, Stormguard Citadel, Orthen and Warforge.

What Rewards will players be able to earn?

Perhaps one of the more burning questions that players have is what rewards they will be able to earn with RuneScape Archaeology. Firstly, it is worth noting that the Dig Site Chronote Shop will offer players both the regular and elite skilling outfit. As with Deep Sea Fishing, there will also be boosts available for you to unlock.

Then we have Ancient Summoning. This will be available after completing the Infernal Source, which is one of the locations that will be introduced in this new update. Here, players will use the Summoning skill to use demons to their own advantage. Within the Infernal Source, players will come across materials and charms that can be used for binding contracts. This will in turn allow you to summon powerful demons to be used for a range of different effects. Such effects so far include the use of replicating attacks, like the Ripper Demon’s jump attack, or even offering strike buffs to yourself and fellow players within the vicinity.

Then we have the invention side of the rewards, where there are ancient technologies and blueprints to discover. This will bring about new devices, which come from breaking down materials and artefacts that you find. These gizmos will each have variants for your weapons, tools and armour, which can then be used to create new perks. Each gizmo will include 9 slots, so you can tinker around with different combinations if you so desire. This invention technique will also allow the enhancement of certain Invention tools beyond level 70, causing tools such as the Hammertron, Fishing Rod-o-Matic and the Pyro-Matic toact as though they are level 80.

Other rewards will include Relics, which can be obtained whilst training the new skill. Once unlocked, they will provide a permanent passive buff, with up to three relic powers being available to the player at any one time. Meanwhile, higher level content will feature ancient potion making, which you will be able to train in the Orthen dig site. Players will also come across artefact weapons, and even a new skilling outfit throughout the introduction of this new skill.

Needless to say, there is plenty for players to be getting excited about when it comes to the RuneScape Archaeology skill. We now have a better idea of what to expect where the skill is concerned, and it will certainly be interesting to explore unknown areas with a fresh skill to play with.

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