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A Rundown of RuneScape Events for 2018

RuneScape Events
By | February 21st, 2018 | Categories: RuneScape

We’re only two months into the year and already both Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3 have had some fantastic special events – with even more exciting news to come! Read on to learn about what we can anticipate for RuneScape Events.

The Zodiac Festival and Valentine’s Day Outfits

The Zodiac Festival launched in RuneScape 3 on February 12th, and you still have almost two weeks until February 25th to participate! Complete your Zodiac challenge within 3 days to receive Zodiac Talismans. Cash these Talismans in north of the Lumbridge Crater with Yiteng for prizes inlcluding:

  • Mystery boxes
  • The Zodiac Shield Override
  • The Tea Service Resting Animation
  • Foo the Foo Lion pet!

New costumes were also unveiled this week, the Amare Outfits complete with gold braces, sandals, a leaf crown and cupid wings. You can purchase them at Solomon’s General Store (Valentine not included).

OSRS Birthday

On February 22nd, Old School RuneScape will celebrate its 5th birthday! Time sure does fly. What should you expect from this years birthday event? Well, for the last 2 years Jagex has introduced a special event quest which the player must complete to receive their birthday event rewards. Last year it was Party Pete’s birthday celebration at the Falador party room, and the year before that we had to find the gnome child’s lost hat. Given the trend, there’s a decent chance that this year’s birthday celebration will introduce a new quest in some form, and you’ll likely get a cool new hat! If you missed the events in previous years or are new to the game, we have good news for you! You’ll still (probably) be able to get the special items from previous birthday years, as the birthday events have always given players all the rewards they have not received already upon completion.

April Fool’s Day & Easter

Jagex has been in the habit of making April Fool’s pranks almost every year, so it’s likely we’ll expect one this year as well. Though we can’t be sure what to expect, be on the lookout for any special items or activities related to mounts. This running joke stems all the way back to the first RS3 April Fools event in 2004 when their hordes of players flocked to buy horses from Diango the cowboy. The “horses” were really just toys, and mounts have been a recurring theme in April Fool’s pranks ever since. Other memorable years include the P-Hat of 2012, the We ‘n’ Wildy theme park of 2010, and the dragon kite Return of Diango event in 2008. What hilarity befalls RuneScape this year remains to be seen, but we’re sure Jagex will deliver.

Easter events are a staple of RuneScape 3 so we’re sure to expect one this year as well. Jagex isn’t in the habit of announcing these events ahead of time, but we do know that it will probably be a quest with a special reward. Rewards in the past have been items like the Sunbeam Crown,  cosmetic overrides such as the 2h Guthix override, and special emotes like the Easter Trick or Treat! Be on the lookout for official announcements at the forums, or just monitor in-game chat during the month of April and you’re sure to get in on the action.

OSRS Midsummer

One of the lesser known Holiday activities of Old School RuneScape is the midsummer event – an annual special event which occurs around the beginning of July. Though the activity and NPC’s change a little bit from year to year, you can expect it to occur at Taverley and require you to defend someone against wizards or druids while they perform the summer ritual. If you complete the task successfully three times you’ll receive the Mask of Balance and Druidic wreath (both collectors items worn in the head slot), Disk of returning, a collectors item which teleports the player to the Blackhole when used inside the Dwarven mine, a half-full jug of wine, and whatever Jagex introduces as the new reward for this year’s midsummer event. This is the least popular seasonal occurrence, but it gives some of the coolest rewards so be sure to watch out for an announcement!

Winter Event

The winter event is ongoing, though it may not be available for much longer! Just as the winter events before, you must kill the 3 wolves Hati, Skoll, and Fenrir. For completing this task you can gain Fenrir’s tooth for Herblore or Summoning bonuses, Hati paws for bonus combat experience, and Skoll boots for Agility or Woodcutting bonuses. A variety of cosmetic items may also be dropped by the wolves. For an extra bonus, you may locate Eir’s helmet and spear by harvesting enriched wisps or finding them in drops from Hati or Skoll (though this method is much less likely.) We recommend just harvesting the wisps, and trading a second item with a player who has the complement to your own. Completing this task will grant you cosmetic overrides for Eir’s helmet and spear, as well as experience in Prayer or Divination. If you don’t complete this task this year, never fear. There will be a new seasonal event and the Winter event has come back around every year for the last several years so you can bank on having another chance.

RuneScape Mobile & OSRS Mobile

We save the biggest event for last – Jagex has officially announced that this year both Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3 are coming to mobile! You’ll now be able to play RuneScape from your smartphone or tablet anywhere at anytime. We haven’t had much word yet on the functionality of the mobile platform or whether or not there will be cross-platform support so you can play with friends, but we can expect to see Old School RuneScape on mobile before RuneScape 3 – which Jagex says will come “later in the year.” There’s an official sign-up for updates and interest on the RuneScape website, but be careful of scams! There have been reports of scammers sending out fake phishing emails to steal accounts, so always double check you are on the official website and never give our your login information under any circumstances.

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