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RuneScape Party Hats: History and Price Info

RuneScape Party Hats
By | September 28th, 2017 | Categories: RuneScape

Very early on in the life of RuneScape, way before the economy had transformed into what it is now with the Grand Exchange, they released an event that allowed players to collect Christmas Crackers and RuneScape Party Hats during the holiday season in 2001.

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The Christmas Crackers were the second Christmas event that RuneScape players had seen. Players could collect Christmas Crackers as random drops from any monsters they killed throughout RuneScape. When a player pulled open a Christmas Cracker with a friend, each player would have a 50/50 chance to get a party hat. The other player would be rewarded with some coins or armor.

Back when the Christmas Crackers were dropping like snow in 2001, not many players had the foresight to see just how much they would end up being worth 10 to15 years down the line. As a result, many players opened the Christmas Crackers for a chance at some quick gold.

Party Hats in the Present Day

Now, that it has been 16 years since the Christmas Crackers and Party hats were first introduced to RuneScape, the items are incredibly hard to get. Those that still play from 2001 are most likely to be holding onto the Party hats tightly due to their extreme value. Many Party hats and Christmas Crackers are expected to have been lost on dormant accounts that are owned by players that haven’t touched the game.

The supply for Party hats is now so high that their price has skyrocketed far higher than the Grand Exchange can even manage. Due to a limitation in the code used to compile RuneScape, no items can be sold for more than 2,147,483,647 gold coins. Players also cannot hold more than 2,147,483,647 in their inventory.

Party hats are going for far more than the 2.1 billion gold limit. In fact, they are now going for between 4 billion and a whopping 12 billion gold. Christmas Crackers are also going for between 8 billion and 10 billion.

Interestingly, because Christmas Crackers no longer drop in RuneScape, many players are speculating that the Christmas Cracker will soon become the first extinct item in RuneScape history. Right now, there are very few Christmas Crackers in circulation. Once they’ve all been dropped, opened, or removed from banned accounts, they’ll be no Christmas Crackers left.

How Party Hats Trades Are Made

With the 2.1 billion trade limitation that was mentioned earlier, party hats cannot be traded on the Grand Exchange and they cannot be traded directly for gold. Instead, players will often trade a stack of cash, along with a number of items, sometimes including other rare items, such as the Halloween mask. Players will meet on forums or communities online to discuss prices and will then use the in-game trading feature to trade a party hat.

If you’re one of the lucky few people that still have a party hat or a Christmas Cracker lying around in your inventory, you may want to sell it. On PlayerAuctions, the amount of gold you could get for your Party hat could get you between $800 and $2500; Christmas Crackers could get you between $1600 and $2100.

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