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In this guide we will discuss:

  • Why you should have a player-owned farm
  • How to start your player-owned farm
  • The animals you can raise on your player-owned farm

Ever wanted to have your very own farm? RuneScape’s player-owned farms lets you to do just that, allowing you to raise, breed, and sell your very own livestock. We’re here with our RuneScape Player-Owned Farms Guide to give you all the information you need to get started and begin managing your very own farm!

Why should I have a Player-Owned Farm in RuneScape?

There are a number of reasons why you should really be considering opening up a player-owned farm, the most obvious of which being that it’s a fresh new way to train the farming skill. With farming being a pretty boring skill to train, it’s nice to have more variety and options available to train the skill. Player-owned farms can also be a viable moneymaking option which doesn’t really take much effort but will require a high Farmling level. Finally, it’s just fun. Let’s face it, farming isn’t exactly the most enjoyable skill to be training for everyone – we don’t all enjoy teleporting around Gielinor and sprinting around patches raking, composting, planting, and watering plants. Raising animals is a pleasant change of pace to all that running around. 

How do you start your Player-Owned Farm?

The first thing you need to do before you can start your RuneScape player-owned farm is ensure you meet the level requirements of 17 Farming, and 20 Construction. If you don’t meet these requirements, worry not! 17 Farming can be reached pretty quickly just by completing Fairy Tale Part I (which requires Jungle Potion, Lost City, Nature Spirit, Priest in Peril, and Restless Ghost), or by just simply Farming allotments based on the level you currently are. Reaching 20 Construction shouldn’t be a problem either – it can be easily obtained by constructing Crude Wooden Chairs from level 1-19, and Oak Wooden Chairs from level 19.

Once you meet these simple level requirements, all you need to do is head over to the farm north of Ardougne and talk to Granny Potterington to initiate the tutorial for player-owned farms.

The tutorial is pretty self-explanatory and involves selling a yak in order to buy a deed for a small pen from the farmers market. After buying the small pen, buy two rabbits from the market, build the small pen and then place the two rabbits inside. Check the rabbits for disease and then administer treatment for flu before talking to Granny again to obtain fruity mush which you will use to fill the trough. You can now choose to wait until the rabbits have matured or talk to Granny until you are given the option to advance time. When they have matured take them to the breeding paddock behind the farmhouse and use the rabbit on the paddock, then fill the trough. Again, you can choose to wait or advance time by talking to Granny. A baby bunny will appear, and you can talk to Granny again to finish the tutorial and you will be given more information on player-owned farms. You can also sell this baby bunny to Myfi, the rabbit buyer next to the well.

You may now start buying pens from the farmer’s market and building them.

What Animals can you raise on your Player-Owned Farm?

You can build up to two of each pens of each size on your farm. These pens are used to keep your livestock in to raise them. You will need to give your animals food and raise them through each of the growth stages consisting of egg (not for all animals), baby, adolescent, adult, and elder. Farming XP is rewarded for each stage successfully reached.

Here is a list of animals that you can raise on your farm dependent on your Farming level:

  • Level 17 – Rabbits – Rabbits are the first animal available for you to raise on your RuneScape player-owned farms. After gaining your first common brown rabbit from the tutorial, you will also be able to get Rellekkan Cream Rabbits by killing bunnies near the swaying tree in Fremnik Province, and Piscatorian Cotton-Tail Rabbits by going to Piscatoris Hunting area and hunting white rabbits.
  • Level 28 Chickens – Chickens become available to players from level 28 and are obtained by buying eggs from the famers’ market, which have a 50% chance of hatching either a Rooster or Common White Hen.
  • Level 35 Sheep – At level 35 you can buy White Ewes and White Rams from the farmers’ market to raise.
  • Level 49 Cows – Kandarin Cows and Bulls can be purchased from the farmers’ market from level 49.
  • Level 54 Chinchompas – Of all the animals available to raise, Chinchompas have the most variation consisting of Grey, Carnivorous, Cobalt, Viridian, Azure, Crimson, and Crystal Chinchompas, which are obtained by hunting different colours of Chimpompa.
  • Level 64 – Spiders – Spiders may drop eggs when killed, which when checked will give you spirit spiders. Araxyte spiders can be received as a rare drop from killing Araxxi.
  • Level 71 – Yaks – Killing yaks at Neitiznot can give you Fremennik Yaks, and making pack yak pouches can give you Spirit Yaks.
  • Level 81 – Zygomites – Gloomshroom Zygomites can be obtained by harvesting arc, bittercap, and morchella mushrooms, or by collecting arc berries and mort myre fungus.
  • Level 92 – Dragons – Perhaps the coolest of all the animals you can raise, Green, Blue, Red, and Black Dragons can be obtained by killing dragons of each colour respectively.

There are more variations of each animal available that can be achieved by breeding, so don’t hesitate to get out there and start! Each animal also has their own perk which can be activated by buying a totem from the farmers’ market, attaching it to an elder stage animal, and then placing it into a pen. Placing one elder with a totem activates the tier 1 perk, while placing two elders carrying totems activates the tier 2 perk.


Now that you know how to start your very own player-owned farm in RuneScape, and how to go about obtaining each animal for your farm, you have no excuse not to start raising your very own animals! Follow the advice given to you in this RuneScape Player-Owned Farm Guide, and you’ll be on the path to raising your very own dragon in no time!

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