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Almost all high-fantasy MMORPGs involve combat. After all, it wouldn’t be half as fun if players didn’t have the chance to fight mythical creatures or even each other. In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), it’s important for players to improve their Attack Skill, one of the basic and vital skills there is in the game. One of the fastest ways to get better is by knocking out quests so that you can get a chunk of Attack Skill EXP.

Waterfall Quest

This place is an intermediate quest that grants Attack EXP that doesn’t have any prerequisites. Capitalize on this quest to enhance your Attack Skill. Keep in mind that only OSRS members have access to this talent. If you want to finish this quest, subscribing for a membership is necessary. Otherwise, you’re better off finding new alternatives for raising Attack Skill EXP.

To start this quest, first, go to Almera. You can find her upstream of the Baxtorian Falls and south of the Barbarian Outpost. She’ll let you know that she’s worried about her son, who’s searching for something in the river. After talking to her, ride the raft. From there, you’ll arrive at a small island where Hudon is. Afterward, follow where the quest prompts you to head to next. Aside from the 13700 Attack EXP, you’ll receive 13700 Strength EXP. Yes, you’ll hit harder with physical attacks, and there are many other rewards.

The Grand Tree

The quest that grants Attack EXP (like the Waterfall quest), but also requires a membership. Even though the quest doesn’t have any requirements, it’s wise to finish the Tree Gnome Village quest first so that you’ll have a better understanding of what’s going on.

Begin the search by talking to King Narnode Shareen. You’ll find him on the first floor of the Grand Tree. He’ll tell you that something isn’t right with the Grand Tree, which is a huge problem since it’s the one that upholds the Dwarven Stronghold. The King will bring you to the tree’s roots, which are slowly decaying.

According to Narnode, Hazelmere, a Grand Tree creator and guardian, is the only one that can solve the quest. It’s not easy to understand him. Instead, he’ll provide a bank sample and a translation book. From there, just follow what the quest asks and you’ll receive 18400 Attack EXP, 7900 Agility XP, 2150 Magic EXP, 5 Quest Points, and two Treasure Hunter keys. Not too shabby.

Monkey Madness

Once The Grand Tree and Tree Gnome Village is scratched off the checklist, it’s time to wrestle with Monkey Madness. Yes, the Tree Gnome Village quest is a requirement, so you’re going to have to finish it eventually. Also, you’ll need to be a member, level 43 in Prayer, and level 10 in Thieving. Yes, you’ll need lots of time and patience because this is a long quest.

To start Monkey Madness, talk to King Narnode Shadeen, again. He’s worried that something has happened to the 10th Squad since they haven’t returned. The King ordered them to go to Karamja. You’ll go to investigate so that you can complete the quest. After finishing this quest, speak to Daero. He’ll reward you with 35000 EXP for Attack and Defense, or EXP for Strength and Constitution.

Keep OSRS alive by grappling with quests. Go hard or go home!

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