RuneScape Safety: Keeping Your Account Secure from Hackers

RuneScape Safety
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Years of effort have vanished overnight for many people in the RuneScape community. It’s almost every day you see players begging for charity after losing their valuables to hackers. While some may be acting for easy handouts this is a prevalent issue that continues to exist solely because very few people know how to avoid it with RuneScape Safety. Understanding the basics of account and computer security may mean the difference between you keeping or losing everything. Here I’ll show you how to prevent your account from getting hacked and also what to do in case it ever happens.

Infected Software

One of the most common methods hackers use to break into accounts is through the spreading of infected software. RATs (Remote Administration Tools) and key loggers are usually the two types of viruses you’ll run into online. Both of these are able to send your passwords to another person’s email or computer. YouTube is littered with “RuneScape Level 99 Hack” videos that include fake software packaged with one of the mentioned viruses. What’s worse is after opening the program your computer’s files are at risk along with all of your other online accounts as well. Simply put, this is one huge headache that you should try to avoid.

Phishing Sites

Phishing uses imitation websites that look and feel close to the original in hopes of visitors signing in with their account information. It’s difficult to know if the webpage is real or a phony because along with its similar appearance the URL often closely resembles the site it’s mimicking. “” and “” may appear the same at a glance but the first “e” in RuneScape was replaced with a “c” in the phony link. The links could also have the same name but a different extension such as “.co” instead of “.com” etc. This method is not as common mainly because setting up a visually and functionally similar website requires substantial preparation. Afterwards, they will still have to find a way to send the link to people. If you ever happen to come across a suspicious link then it’s just best to click it.

RuneScape Private Servers

Spin-Offs of RuneScape are popular amongst the community for PVP practice, trying out new items and testing gear setups for boss fights. Their high appeal and accessibility have opened even more doors for hacking potential. Private servers can be a virus since they must be joined through a java application. Also, they can be used similarly to phishing sites by storing the login details you use to play and trying to log in with the same username and password on RuneScape. Many players use the same username and password for several things and this specifically targets them.

Prevent Getting Hacked

First, you need either a free or paid antivirus software so that you know everything on your computer is uninfected and safe to use. It will also warn you beforehand if you download anything potentially dangerous to open. You should already know this but it’s also important to have a difficult password. Close friends sometimes know you better than yourself which is why a password shouldn’t be related to your personal life. Speaking of close friends; do not share your account with them. The last thing you want is waking up to empty bank slots after a small argument. Just don’t click any suspicious links even if it came from a friend. Verifying that the emails you open are legitimate is also important for combating phishing. It should be common sense by the time you’re this far into the article but I had to reiterate it.

Steps to Take After Being Hacked

Changing your password as soon as possible is the first step you must take when securing your account. Keep in mind if you opened a virus then changing your password on the same device may send the new one to the hijacker. This brings me to step two which is to either restore your computer to any time before you opened the virus or to reinstall your operating system entirely. Note that you should backup important files before taking this action. After all of that’s complete you should find out if any other accounts, such as your email, have been compromised. If any other accounts shared your RuneScape password then changing the password on them is also a smart idea.


Account safety is a must to keep your virtual presence intact. Hackers use several techniques online that we should all watch out for. Preventing a hack is always better than responding to one later so follow the steps above! Software and websites need to be objectively looked at before you choose to use them. With this basic knowledge, you won’t be fooled when it comes to a hacker’s deception.

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