RuneScape Vorago Boss Guide and Strategies for Success

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The RuneScape Vorago boss fight is one that you won’t forget about in a hurry, but you should have an idea about what strategies to adapt before you attempt it. With that in mind, this guide will be looking at an overview of the phases that you can expect to face during the Vorago battle.

RuneScape Vorago Fight Phases

The battle with Vorago is made up of five different phases. They all take place in different rooms, with alternating attacks and mechanics in each. Special attacks during the third, fourth and final phase will determine how you approach the fight.

Phase 1

During the first phase of the fight, Vorago will be using an automatic attack with a blue bomb or a melee swipe. If you are in a team of four or more, then go into the north-eastern part of the arena. This is around five squares from the corner itself, and start to use the Deflect Melee on the boss. Do damage where you can, and once the top lure is provoked, you will need to move over to near Vorago. You need to be provoking as much as you can, and you can do so earlier if your team is capable of dishing out good damage.

If you happen to be in a smaller team of up to three players, then position yourself under the jump spot near the TL5’s spawn location. Use pray melee and get underway with damaging the boss. Keep taking your replenishment potions and have DPS prayers on as well.

Phase 2

Once you get to the second phase, you will want to start stacking Storm Shards to get through it easier. If you are playing as a smaller team,, then this in particular is essential to having a smooth phase. When you get to the fourth orb, have Vorago’s health at around 20,000 so you can phase him straight away following the timegate. His health will reset once it gets to 12,500 back up to roughly 80,000. If the health does happen to reset, then grab an eldritch crossbow special attack that can lower Vorago’s health with blight damage following the timegate.

Phase 3

Here is where things get a bit more complicated. In the third phase, the current week’s rotation is going to determine how the phase plays out. The end of phase 3 occurs when Vorago’s life points have depleted. This depends on whether it’s a Scopulus week, in which it will end when each of the scopulii have been defeated. If you want to take a look at what the rotations are, be sure the check out the relevant online resources so you can prepare for Vorago accordingly.

Phase 4

In this phase, you can focus on DPS if you aren’t either a bomb or base tank. Watch out for the bleeds with TL5, and the red bomb used on the scopuli week.

This stage of the fight allows you to adapt to clone skipping. Since Vorago only summons clones if players aren’t targeted within 15 tiles from him, you won’t have to deal with any clones. Vorago will then begin to skip the following seven auto-attacks and go straight to the special attack of that week. You will need the base tank to barge into Vorago then walk below him after the end of the waterfall mechanic.

If Vorago starts moving away from you, then your teammates will then be staying where they are until the clone mechanic starts. If Vorago was to start moving towards you meanwhile, then you need to surge and blood dive over to the opposite end. You should use the previously discussed clone skipping tactic here, as you can reduce it down to between 60 and 90 seconds if done properly.

The Final Phase

Which brings us onto phase 5, which is your true test against Vorago. As we have moved to different rooms throughout, you will now notice that we are on a very thin piece of land. Vorago will be in the centre of the room, so move in from the west. Vorago can now use an ability that makes him immune to being provoked. So whoever deals the most damage to him will be his primary target during this phase.

For this last phase, you will want to get Vorago over to the eastern side, where you can use maul of omens to finally take him down. You should have all three parts of the maul by now, and you can combine them to make the maul. If not, then the pieces will take 100 hard typeless damage for every two ticks that they aren’t assembled.

If you are a bomb tank, then use Barricade as the blue bomb reaches, so you can stop any pushback from it. Following three bleeds, you can then try using Debilitate to stop the pushback further. There’s also Devotion and Resonance that can be used to heal you and decrease the damage.

The more you damage the boss, the further east he will move. However, if you and your team are pushed all the way to the west, then you will all be killed straight away. Once he has been pushed fully to the east, this is when we would see the maul of omens being used. This will then trigger a cutscene in which Vorago is finally killed by the player that is carrying the maul, before falling into the water. This signals the end of fight, though it is worth pointing out that you can only use the maul if Vorago is all the way to the right, and whoever is carrying it needs to be within two spaces of him.

Conclusion on RuneScape Vorago

So now you know how the phases play out for Vorago in this five-phase boss fight for the ages. You are going to need to take a look into the weekly attacks to fully get an idea on how to get through certain phases, but you should be prepared for the most part to get through the fight with your allies. The RuneScape Vorago battle is a tough one, but with the right knowledge and preparation you can expect to get through the fight in one piece.

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