RuneScape Yakamaru Guide – Strategies and Team Roles

RuneScape Yakamaru Boss Guide
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If you are looking to take on the RuneScape Yakamaru boss battle, then this guide is here to help you get clued up on everything you need to know. We will be discussing the fight itself and what occurs when you attempt to take on the grand boss fight. If you are a beginner in RuneScape, don’t miss this article to find out the best bosses for RS3 beginners.

RuneScape Yakamaru Boss Guide

First of all, it’s worth pointing out that during the battle you won’t see Yakamaru moving for the most part. The boss will jump between pools when its health is beginning to deplete. The pools that are around the room will showcase a phase where Yakamaru presents different styles and abilities. You will have to deal with a total of five phases, dealing 5,600,000 damage altogether.

During the fight, Yakamuru will attack that hits all of those who are within a 20×20 radius. There won’t be melee attacks coming your way, but rather magic attacks at melee distance. If you are three or more spaces away from the boss you will then be attacked with ranged attacks instead. This will involve tentacles coming out of the ground and hitting the player. With this in mind, players that attack Yakamaru are eligible to take damage from it. To counter this, you should use either Devotion or Debilitate throughout. This will help to reduce the damage that you take.

For DPS players, you should make sure that you are standing at prayer range from the boss. The accuracy that Yakamaru possesses is exceptionally high, but you can prepare for this by having good defences and armour. You can in turn expect some of the boss attacks to miss, but it will be followed up by attack that isn’t going to miss. The power of this hit is half of the damage that would have occurred if the first attack had landed. If you happen to be a tank character in this instance, then make sure you have the best armour possible on. Simply adopt the method of tanking Yakamaru from melee distance and you will be good.

Leaving the Fight

If at any point you are attempting to leave the fight, you will be presented with a message that Yakamaru hasn’t taken to your cowardice well. Different messages will appear depending on the circumstance. If you are out of combat with the boss, then you will see a message that states, “Yakamaru is displeased with your cowardice, and throws dangerous projectiles at you!” which will lead to 2,000 damage being dealt to players out of combat. The only way in which you can leave a failed kill would be by asking the group leader can kick you out or by removing oneself from the group.

RuneScape Yakamaru Boss Team Roles

There are a number of roles that you should adapt to when you are fighting this boss. For example, we will have the Base Tank, which will serve as the main target of Yakamaru. This is someone who will be able to take the higher damage that is taken in the fight. There’s also a Poison Tank, which will be the role of getting Yakamaru’s poison when at the end of each pool. This is then taken to him for the kill.

The CPR role meanwhile is to then help the Poison Tank after Yakamaru has been poisoned, and you also have the North Tanks to do damage to the boss. These three are made up on stun DPS and sand tank distractions and to kill mirages to the north. This will help to prevent them with killing your team members. We have the Shark Tag too which will come into effect during the mirage phase. This will stop the death of DPS characters during this end part of the fight.

Applying the Roles

If you are DPS, then simply attack with everything you have. You won’t have to worry too much about the boss in terms of the damage you take, you just need to make sure that you are working well with your rotations.

When you get to the shark pool segment, go to the north side of the tendril pool to avoid the majority of the damage from sharks. On sand pool, you will need to focus on freeing those from the sand before dishing more damage out to avoid casualties. Avoid using stun abilities on the stun pool too so it doesn’t affect melee and magic.

By forcing Yakamaru into the next phase, you are effectively causing more damage, whilst having less jellies spawning as well. This might not occur on mirage or sand phases, since you are killing them as quickly as possible anyway.

As the Poison Tank, you have the role that simply grabs the poison and applies it to Yakamaru where possible to finish the boss. The CPR is another DPS that will then aid the Poison Tank once it has done it’s job. These are both very simply but effective roles in this fight.

Then we have the sand tank, which will be working in a similar role as the Base Tank during the mirage phase. If you didn’t want to use tanking in this instance, then you can go full DPS over by the pool by using your ultimate on the pool. This will aid the DPS players once then are done with the tendrils and the sharks.

Speaking of shark, the Shark Tag will be luring away the focus on DPS during mirage. You won’t need to worry about tanking much here, as we can simply dish out as much damage as possible. The Stun DPS meanwhile is going to be targeting the stun pool and take it out as soon as it shows up. We touched on the Base Tank earlier too, who will have to ensure that they have the best armour and defences possible. This is because the boss is going to hit hard and often, and if you are to have a hope in beating him, you will need to be on your guard.


With this knowledge, you will hopefully be able to strategize how to beat Yakamaru for yourself. The key is knowing what to do with each phase and what the roles are for each of these phases. You will soon be able to whittle down the RuneScape Yakamaru boss’ health by applying the right roles in the right places.

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