RuneScape Travelling Artisan Event Guide

RuneScape Travelling Artisan Event
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RuneScape is known for putting on a number of special events for fans to enjoy. Now, running through to near-mid September, they are holding an event known as the RuneScape Travelling Artisan event. This will be a time-limited event, so you will want to make sure that you get the most out of it whilst it is underway. You may have noticed something different around the Dwarven Mine entrance, as this is where you will be participating in this current event. So if you’re looking for a number of neat rewards to be crafted for you in exchange for the required materials, then keep reading to find out more about this temporary adventure.

In this guide, we will outline everything you need to know about the event, including:

  • What the Travelling Artisan event is
  • How it works
  • What rewards are on offer

Firstly, let’s delve into what exactly players can expect from the Travelling Artisan event.

What is the Travelling Artisan event?

The Runescape Travelling Aritsan event is a limited time event that is currently underway. Starting on August 24th, players can enjoy the Travelling Artisan until September 13th, 2020. There are various rewards for players to earn in this time, with patches to be earned that can be turned into Doran the tool artisan.

If you want to get started, then you can spot Doran outside of the Dwarven Mine entrance. Here, you can speak to Doran, who will show you the basics of how to choose a recipe and collecting the right materials. The idea of gathering these pieces is to give to Doran to assemble. Whilst he is doing so, you are free to go off and find more and so on.

How the RuneScape Travelling Artisan Event Works

In the event, players will have the opportunity to craft items using the materials given to Doran. These ingredients are then used to create several Travelling Artisan patches, as well as a number of other materials being made. By doing this, you will notice that there is a level progression, after which there will be access gained to more recipes. Meanwhile, items from the bank, inventory, metal bank, or currency bank can all be given to Doran.

To earn patches, you need to perform any combat or skilling action. This has a three-minute cooldown, which is something to keep in mind when doing so. There are other ways for you to earn patches also. These include the completion of clue scrolls, finishing Archaeology collections, and turning in any daily challenges that you might have. If you choose to do so, you can also purchase patches using either bonds or RuneCoins.

By completing recipes for the event, there will be level progression for you to work through. Doran will get Artisan tool crafting experience, which is then levelled up as he gains it. This is then levelled up to level 30, where more recipes are unlocked along the way during this process taking place. More XP is earned each time you level up, with the 83 XP coming in at level 2. More XP is earned for every level that you go up by, reaching 13,363 XP at level 30.


To give ingredients to get rewards, players need to be standing near Doran the tool artisan in order to give or skip recipe ingredients. The ingredients don’t need to be in your inventory to be turned in, as they can also be in the bank or metal bank. Its also worth mentioning that you can use noted items as well if you choose to. Regardless, the event interface can be opened via the Travelling Artisan Patches.

If you are playing the free version of the game, then you are able to use Travelling Artisan Patches to skip ingredients that are objects for those who are members. You will find that the cost of skipping ingredients scales down according to the ingredients that are left. If you leave a recipe incomplete, then you will not be able to start other recipes. However, you can receive the items you have contributed back if you are starting a new recipe.

The tool overrides that you can receive included the Dwarven Artisan rod, the Master Crafter hammer, Dwarven Artisan knife, Dwarven Artisan pickaxe, a Chickaxe, and a Banana knife. These can all be earned between level 1-30. Meanwhile, from the Master Crafting event, the wardrobe overrides are: Master Crafter goggle, Master Crafter chestpiece, Master Crafter trousers, Master Crafter boots, Master Crafter gloves, Master Crafter hammer, Master Crafter saw, Master Crafter screwdriver, and finally the Master Crafter hatchet.

Consumable Rewards

There are several consumable items to be earned too. In fact, many consumable buffs can serve as rewards, such as the Fletching size enhancer, with an upgradable version also available at level 10. Other enhancers include Fletching resource, Smithing Luminite, Smithing Respect, Woodcutting Perk, Woodcutting Item XP, Fish Flinging, Fishing Perk, and Fishing Item XP. There’s also a Mining Geode enhancer, as well as a Mining Critical Enhancer to earn too.

As for consumables themselves, you can earn both an Event Mystery Box and Big Event Mystery Box at level 2 and 20 respectively. There’s also small, medium and large Prismatic Fallen Stars to earn, and some Dwarven items too including the Dwarven Fish Extractor, Ramhammer and Chainaxe.


And that’s it! That is everything you really need to know about the event, and you still have time to enjoy what it has to offer. The Runescape Travelling Artisan Event is now running, and you have until September 13th to check out what you can earn. Keep in mind that any business that you have with Doran needs to have been completed by this date, before he packs up and leaves for pastures new. The event also sees a new graphical update which you may have notices for the Dwarven Mine entrance. So it would be fair to say that Doran has had even more of a positive impact here, as well as bringing in an event for you to enjoy.

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