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What exactly is RuneScape’s Zodi-yak Track?

RuneScape Zodi-Yak Track
By | April 15th, 2020 | Categories: RuneScape

The world of RuneScape continues to grow over time, inviting players to come back time after time for new events, quests and much more. One such event the is going on right now is the RuneScape Zodi-yak Track.

Those who are unfamiliar with the Zodi-yak Track may have a few questions about the event. We intend to clear up any questions that might be lingering. With that in mind, the following article will discuss:

  • What the Zodi-yak Track is.
  • How to progress up the Zodi-yak Track.
  • What requirements are needed.
  • What the best rewards are.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into more about the Zodi-yak Track.

What is the Zodi-yak Track?

One of the many events available in RuneScape is the Zodi-yak Track event. This task began back on March 23rd, 2020, and is set to run until May 3rd, 2020. So, if you are just reading about this event now, then you still have plenty of time to participate.

Here, players will spend this time period completing tasks in order to earn rewards. There are two prize tracks available, divided between Free and Premium. Naturally, by playing on the Premium track, you will be able to reap a heftier number of prizes compared to taking part in the Free track. If you want to gain access to the Premium track, then there are a couple of ways you can do so. You could get yourself an active Premier Club membership. Alternatively you can purchase a Premier Pass with two bonds, depending on your preference.

What do you have to do to progress on the Zodi-yak Track?

Regardless of what task you choose, you can progress to the next tier by completing them. The tasks that you will undertake will ultimately depend on your level, and what account you have. So, the tasks will be based on whether you have a free-to-play or paid membership. If you do have a free-to-play membership, then only the f2p skills will be available as tasks. However, those with a paid membership will have the option of both free and paid skills to choose from. There is also a new feature with the Zodi-yak Track in the form of join tasks. The new tasks will show you two skills within a single task choice. From there, the actions you choose will take your task further with either skill.

If you want to skip tiers, then you can do so by using task skips. You will have two task skip tokens to start off with, and you can buy more using bonds. Keep in mind; you won’t always need a higher level than the listed level on tasks that state ‘and above’. You can find out which items you can use via the info section in the Track List to get a better idea.

What do you have to do to progress on the Zodi-yak Track?

As discussed earlier, the way in which the event plays out often depends on what level your character is at. This applies to all the skills that you have been levelling that are relevant to the event. In turn, this will affect what must be done in order to complete a task. The most common example of this given is if you are trying to complete a tier 2 task on a free-to-play account, and you have 99 Woodcutting, you will need to cut 115 Willow Logs or more. However, those with a level 45 Woodcutting skill will only need to cut, for example, 10 less than this figure.

There are many, many different variations in which items count towards the task, depending on the skill. It is worth researching which items are eligible for you to use for each skill, as there are many to choose from. There is a disclaimer of sorts with each skill, however. For example, there are many cooking items for you to choose from, though it will depend on your player’s task and level. As far as Cooking is concerned, it’s worth noting that only successfully cooked food will work, so don’t burn anything.

Other variables exist for skills such as Fishing, such as when using the shark’s outfit. By using this outfit consumption option, your fish will still count towards your task. You can also use the dwarven fish extractor if you wish, though you won’t be able to use the furnace perk to consume anything. Each skill often has a catch with it on what counts towards your task. Your best bet is to research each skill that you wish to use on the track before going ahead. This is just to make sure that you have the necessary items, as well as the correct methods for using them before taking part.

What are some of the best rewards available?

Overall, players will have 50 tiers in total to earn rewards from. From these tiers, you will be able to earn new items and cosmetics for making your way through them. What’s more, you can earn an additional 8% Prayer experience, as well as 6% in Agility and Herblore for completing all tiers. Note that if you have an Ironman account, then only cosmetic rewards are available. If you start the tasks without a Premier Pass, but choose to purchase one later on, then the rewards previously earned will be granted to you.

The later tiers surround the reward of lamps predominantly. Tier 47 offers a Huge Prismatic Lamp, a Medium Prismatic Lamp and a large bonus XP star. The bonus XP stars are offered through to tier 50. With a free account, you can earn a Cosmic Weaver Teleport, the Stargazer Goggle cosmetic override, as well as bonus XP. Meanwhile, Premium accounts can earn other cosmetic overrides such as the Sheratan Mercenary, as well as the Sheratan Shield override, plus the Cosmic Billy Pet and Smouldering Lamps at tier 50.


The RuneScape Zodi-yak Track event is now available for you to participate in until early May. If you are looking to gain some valuable items, then the tasks are well worth your time investing in. Speaking of time investment, it would also be worth taking some extra time to check out what items are eligible for you to use.

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