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WoW BfA Fishing Guide

By | June 26th, 2019 | Categories: World of Warcraft

When World of Warcraft’s 7th expansion got officially released, it logically came with several changes concerning the various in-game professions. These adjustments and tweaks affected pretty much all of them, whether it’s gathering or crafting profs. Subsequently, one of the fun secondary professions – fishing, also received an update. And that’s why today’s post is all about WoW BfA Fishing!

Now, Battle for Azeroth has added new fishing mounts, brand new types of fish and even specific world quests. However, these new additions still pale in comparison to the almost complete overhaul of Fishing during Legion. Thus, we’ll now see what kind BfA changed and how to level your Fishing to skill level 150.

What changes to finishing did Battle for Azeroth introduce?

Arguably the biggest change to fishing that was introduced in BfA was the faction-specific name of this profession. The Fishing profession for Horde players is called Zandalari Fishing, while for those on the Alliance side it’s named Kul Tiran Fishing. There’s also a 150-skill level cap for Fishing in Battle for Azeroth. Other than that, Blizzard didn’t tweak this profession an awful lot in this expansion. Still, here’s what’s new for the fisherman in BfA:

5 New Fish in Each New Continent

There are now 5 new types of fish in both Kul Tiras and Zandalar. And here they are plus some extra info that might come handy when you’re trying to fish them:

Kul Tiras

  1. Lane Snapper (Coastal fish) – Common rarity (50%)
  2. Great Sea Catfish (Inland fish) – Common rarity (50%)
  3. Frenzied Fangtooth (Coastal fish) – Common rarity (50%)
  4. Tiragarde Perch (Inland fish) – Common rarity (50%)
  5. Midnight Salmon (Inland & Coastal fish) – Rare (2-5%)


  1. Sand Shifter (Coastal fish) – Common rarity (50%)
  2. Redtail Loach (Inland fish) – Common rarity (50%)
  3. Slimy Mackerel (Coastal fish) – Common rarity (50%)
  4. Great Sea Catfish (Inland fish) – Common rarity (50%)
  5. Midnight Salmon (Inland & Coastal fish) – Rare (2-5%)

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7 New Fishing World Quests

BfA has also introduced 7 brand new Fishing world quests for everyone to enjoy. Just note that the number of world quests that you get might vary on a daily basis as they’re randomly selected.

  1. Supplies Needed: Slimy Mackerel
  2. Supplies Needed: Great Sea Catfish
  3. Supplies Needed: Sand Shifter
  4. Supplies Needed: Lane Snapper
  5. Supplies Needed: Frenzied Fangtooth
  6. Supplies Needed: Tiragarde Perch
  7. Supplies Needed: Redtail Loach

1 New WoW BfA Fishing Mount

It’s called the Great Sea Ray and it has a ridiculously tiny drop rate of about 0.5%. However, reading the more recent comments for this mount on Wowhead indicates that the drop chance might be as low as 0.1%. Regardless, the good news is that you can fish this epic aquatic mount in 9 different zones across the two new continents:

  1. Vol’dun
  2. Zuldazar
  3. Tiragarde Sound
  4. Battle of Dazar’alor
  5. Nazmir
  6. Drustvar
  7. Boralus
  8. Dazar’alor
  9. Stormsong Valley

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How do I find the BfA Fishing Trainer for a Faction?

The specific Fishing trainer for each faction is in either of the two capital cities in Kul Tiras and Zandalar. Thus, you’ll find the Horde Fishing trainer in Dazar’alor (Zandalar) and the Alliance one in Boralus (Kul Tiras). Here’s a more detailed explanation on how to exactly find your faction’s Fishing trainer:

  • Alliance – Look for Alan Goyle who can be found in the Tradewinds Markt area in Boralus, just north of where the larger group of trainers is. Exact coordinates: 74.2, 5.7
  • Horde – You have to find Silent Tali who is located in The Great Seal floor of Dazar’alor, southwest of the flight path. Exact coordinates: 50, 23

Also, keep in mind that the title of your Fishing profession depends on your faction. As a result, Alliance players receive [Kul Tiran Fishing], while Horde players gain access to Zandalari Fishing].

What is the best WoW Fishing Leveling Guide?

The best way to increase your Fishing skill level in BfA is to simply catch fish, that’s it. You won’t come across any rare fish in Battle for Azeroth so there are no shortcuts to leveling up this profession. Besides, you only gain Fishing skill levels in BfA by fishing in either Kul Tiras or Zandalar. Catching fish in other zones within Azeroth will not help you with that, so stick to the new content only.

But the good news is that you can increase your Fishing in any fishable water in the two new continents. Basically, it doesn’t matter if your skill sits at level 1 or 150 – you can catch fish in all coastal and inland fishing areas in Kul Tiras and Zandalar. And on top of that, reaching 150 in Fishing isn’t all that time-consuming. Don’t forget that on average, you only need about 2 to 3 fish per skill level.

Or in other words, catching roughly 250 fish will get you to the skill level cap in Fishing. This means that you can get your Fishing to skill level 150 in an hour or two, which isn’t all that much. However, the only real benefit to reaching 150 skill in this profession are certain achievements. In terms of loot, don’t expect anything too fancy other than a few not-so-grey items here and there.

What kind of BfA Fishing Achievements are there?

There are 6 Fishing-specific achievements in Battle for Azeroth now. Some are pretty easy to obtain (Angling for Battle), while others (such as Catchin’ Some Rays) will require lots of patience and nerves on your end. These are all the achievements with the following requirements:


Apparently, Blizzard didn’t implement a huge amount of changes to WoW BfA Fishing. And this somewhat makes sense, especially since Legion came with a massive overhaul to this profession. Still, things like new world quests, types of fish and even a brand-new aquatic mount are decent new additions.

But we’d like to know what your favorite part about fishing is? Do you simply enjoy casting your line, without any added fuss or are you still trying to get that elusive epic Fishing mount? Leave your answer in the comment section below!

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